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    Re: Four graves found in Jamestown colony.

    I want to go to the Body Farm so I can lay in a field and rot. For some reason my wife finds this odd.

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    Re: Cecil the lion

    Rich white American in a Zimbabwe prison. Sounds fun.

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  3. Re: Transgendered Teen upset that other boys won't flirt with him....

    We joke about meeting a woman in a bar who turns out to be a guy. This could be a common occurrence in the near future.

    When the girl in the video gets out in the world and meets people who don't...
  4. Re: Alabama and FSU to open 2017 season in Atlanta

    Too bad the ratings and attendance will suffer as that is the same day as the return of UAB football. Jimbo may be distracted by dreaming of how he was almost the Blazers coach.
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    Link: Re: Some remarks from Gen. Wesley Clark...

    He gets us into a war where we are not at threat and his favorite movie was one that praised the KKK.

    So of course he became a liberal icon.

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  6. Re: Volunteer armed guards at recruiting centers

    In another thread, we were discussing gun aficionados and gun nuts. I think a guy with no job who was never in the military that hands his gun to someone else so they can look at it (wonder if he...
  7. Volunteer armed guards at recruiting centers

    I can't do a link on my phone, but I saw an article on line about a groups of guys standing guard outside a recruitment office in Huntsville.

    This, of course, is in reaction to the Chattanooga...
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    Re: Trump Threatens 3rd Party Run

    He's got plenty of money to waste on a Quixotic quest that assures a third term for Billary.

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  9. Link: Re: 101 bits of trivia from the Civil War I didn't know...

    I was aware of the high death toll being due to the medical care of the day. It is amazing how many people died compared to the population of the time. When you compare it to the number of adult...
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    Roy Adams (aka TennStud) dead

    We may have not liked the man, but I hope this thread stays somewhat civil.

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    Re: UAB reinstates football for 2016

    They even have their first new player. I can't do a link on my phone, but some kid who was a freshman at Memphis last year has transferred in. He was redshirted last year, so he will have gone three...
  12. Re: Florida Gun Shop Owner won't sell guns to Muslims

    How does he know someone is Muslim?

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  13. Re: Obama wants to ban some SS recipients from owning guns

    If someone is suffering from dementia or some severe physical problem they probably should not own a gun. But I'd hope their caregiver would be restricting their access to guns to begin with.
  14. Re: Attack on recruiting stations in Chattanooga

    So we should call where the football team plays Denny Stadium until 2033?
  15. Re: Trump's comments - NBC and Univision reaction

    Why was John McCain even a topic? He isn't running.

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