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    Re: B12 should rethink co-champs.

    I fully agree, and mentioned that very thing to my wife recently. They get an unfair advantage with that extra bye.
  2. Re: Remember how conference champs don't matter in the CFP?

    Yes. This is why Im curious to see what happens if Ohio State wins this weekend, since they will have played more games than Baylor or TCU, which by nature of the conference championship game, also...
  3. Re: Conference Championship Games in general, random thoughts

    DING DING DING!!! We have a winner!!!! I couldn't agree more.

    Personally what I would love to see this year (but know it wont happen) is that many on the committee feel the Big12-2 is trying to...
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    Re: VOls Players Suspected of Rape

    Interpretation by Florida State players: "Get to know them THEN rape them"
  5. Question: Re: This wasn't flagged tonight, but what should have been called?

    I'm curious - does the SEC ever hand down or issue any kind of comment when something so obviously unsportsmanlike hits the news? There might be no serious risk of injury, (even though I dont EVEN...
  6. Re: Jameis Winston accused of shaving points against Louisville

    As much of a complete moron Winston has proven to be, this would not surprise me in the least.
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    Re: Gary Danielson on the Alabama-LSU Game

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    Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?

    Wow. I really don't get it. How many times have we heard "The Barn cares more about us losing than themselves winning". To me that is just plain stupidity that I cannot comprehend. That means you...
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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss Vs. LSU

    Doesn't Ole Miss have to lose one more for us to be in control?
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    Re: First Trip to Neyland Stadium

    Dont know if they do it every time, but the Million Dollar Band marched (and played) up the road from towards the river last time they were here. So hang out in that area and you can see the team...
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    Re: First Trip to Neyland Stadium

    Visitor buses arrive outside the endzone facing the river. They will park along the side and the players will walk down the ramp. You can get quite close to them if you get there early enough.
  12. News Article: Re: Phil Steele grades Alabama’s 59-0 win as college football’s best performance in y

    I still don't understand A&M going for it on their last play. They had nothing to gain by it. I thought surely they would kick the field goal if for nothing else to avoid a shutout. A complete...
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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss vs. Tennessee

    Have to pull for UT. We need ole miss to get two losses.
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    Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    I'm curious, IF (and that is a BIG if) something truly does come of this legally for FSU, couldn't this potentially lead to an NCAA investigation resulting in a "lack of institutional control" which...
  15. Re: Auburn Has The "Gus Bus" & We Have The Lane Train..Check Out This Picture

    I guess I just have trouble using a term previously used by another team. While he was at Tennessee, they had the "Lane Train" too. Feel too much like we cant be original.
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