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  1. Re: Which coach have you hated losing to the most?

    Tough call between phatty and ears. Fulmer prob wins for how he tried to destroy us, but the fear the thumb crap was tough to handle.
  2. News Article: Re: Kenyan Drake Ready to Ignite Alabama Offense

    It's crazy to think how quickly Drakes career has passed. Two years wasted In and out of the doghouse and last year tragically cut short after he seemed to get it together. I really hope we see him...
  3. Re: Diary of a Draftee's Mom: April Justin on Her Baby, Landon Collins

    Well Landon grew up a lot in 3 years. Too bad she didn't.
  4. Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    Doubt jones was gonna make it back anyway
    Bo and Harris were Prob going to beat him out

    What a waste though
    Kid had talent. But I'm sick of the mess and the image the last 3 days!

  5. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    Harris may be the guy eventually but Bo's reps this spring will be huge

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  6. Link: Re: Dont'a Hightower Saves The Super Bowl And Nobody Notice

    This makes it a little more impressive

    @RapSheet: With the Super Bowl over, the plan is for #Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower to have labrum surgery, Iím told. Played mostly with one arm.

  7. News Article: Re: Eddie Lacy inspires alternate headgear for Green Bay Packers' Cheeseheads

    Dreaded cheese
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    Re: Some late-night post-mortems...

    And.....if and when they do adjust, it opens up other options. That's what scheming is all about, adjusting on the go. Heck, maybe this is a game where Lane could have benefitted from being in the...
  9. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****

    Could be. I just assumed it was him since he had been in and all i saw was the "1"
    I'm not going back to watch again ...
  10. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****


    They def exploited us on that play. I'm not sure if Ragland would have made the play or not but Reuben rushed hard and got "reubened" by their WR.
  11. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****

    So is herbie
  12. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****

    We abandoned the perimeter run in the second quarter when wc could have probably put them away. We went three and out and gave up two scores. We weren't creative getting the ball to amari yet we...
  13. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****

    Ran very well to the left and we went away from it. Don't get it. Offense has to keep D off field.
    Do that and we win.
  14. OT: Newest Tapatalk update is HORRIBLE

    I started using it a while back and loved it.
    The last update I hated and this newest breaker. I'm trying but can't use this ....

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    Re: Ex-Players as Assistant Coaches

    Didn't know this one until our game this year ...
    Deshea Townsend cornerbacks MSU

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