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    Re: congrats to Ms Terry and Coach Saban

    Congratulations to the parents and grandparents! A grandchild is a kiss from Heaven blown from the hand of God! I have just one, but he is our world.
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    Re: 2013 Heisman Trophy Presentation thread

    Kudos to AJ for second place. And kudos to the 115 voters who understand what the award is about by leaving the rapist of their ballots. His speech was all about tooting his own horn. Could be have...
  3. Thread: Gary and Verne

    by RMRJMR

    Re: Gary and Verne

    I just wish the SEC could get at from CBS altogether. I too believe Gary and Verne are bias towards some teams and Auburn is one of those teams. Just glad that I am at most Bama games so I don't...
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    News Article: Re: Alabama Fires Corey Harris ESPN - siap

    Right thing was done. He knew the rules and chose to ignore them, so.... good riddance.
  5. Re: Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault - update: DNA match found

    They won't suspend him till after football season is completely over. Saw this many times in the past at FSU and thought it was a Bobby Bowden issue of playing players that had arrest records and...
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    Question: Re: Where are Best Places To Eat in Tuscaloosa?

    Archibald's is best barbeque, but not a sit down type restaurant. They have a counter only. Usually take some home with me on Sunday when I stay overnight. Del Palmas is best Italian ever. Nicks in...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. MSU Game Thread****

    Who is the officiating crew? Didn't see the beginning when they announce it.
  8. Re: Question re: Auburn Game & Experience w/Their Fans on Their Campus?

    Also suggest taking pictures of your car before game with date and time stamp. Just in case you need them later for insurance purposes. I do this anytime I park on hostile territory. Every fan base...
  9. Re: Question re: Auburn Game & Experience w/Their Fans on Their Campus?

    Try searching the web for their parking decks. Two years ago I was able to reserve a spot just 2 weeks before the game. Backed into a space and no one could see my UA tag. Short walk to a shuttle...
  10. Thread: Refs tonight?

    by RMRJMR

    Re: Refs tonight?

    Can't remember the name when Eli announced the crew. I was just happy happy that he did not say Tom Ritter or Penn Wagers. They are the absolute worst in the SEC.
  11. Link: Re: In Case You Missed It: Four Straight Sacks Video

    While leaving stadium last night I spoke with an LSU fan and in the conversation I said that I hoped Mittenberger was not hurt too bad and the guy said "it doesn't matter". IMO Mittenberger was the...
  12. Link: Re: Alabama's C.J. Mosley gives Heisman-worthy effort in win over LSU

    Great article. CJ has certainly stepped up this year as the leader of our defense and for Coach Saban to day that he trust him to do anything says all that needs to be said bout that! Proud to have...
  13. Thread: BDS was rockin!

    by RMRJMR

    Re: BDS was rockin!

    Most definitely one of the loudest. It even rocked during TV time outs. Heard several LSU fans remark about the noise. And it accomplished our goal of disrupting LSU on the field.
  14. News Article: Re: Coach Nick Saban...'I'm totally committed to the University of Alabama’

    Sexton didn't bring all this hoopla into the headlines recently. That is all on ESPN. And "job shopping" is not the only thing an agent does for a coach. He also entertains endorsement deals before...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Coach Saban

    Happy Birthday Coach Saban! I hope your day is filled with many blessings.
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