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  1. News Article: Re: Kirby Smart begins pillage of Alabama staff

    There will be some who go with Kirby, and I don't mind that. Coach Saban will keep the ones he wants. I'm sure has the checkbook and go-ahead to raise salaries as he deems necessary...

    A little...
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    Re: Alabama Sidelines for Cotton Bowl

    were the home team.
  3. Re: OU linebacker belittles Henry == personal appearance/Heisman winner

    I guess Derrick Henry can't count on Strikers vote for the Heisman...

    Oh wait...he doesn't have one. Guess he's pretty irrelevant to the conversation...

    Next topic...:)

    Derrick Henry comes...
  4. Re: How Many Players Can Alabama Sign in 2016

    what are we, like 6th???? that's not that far down.
  5. Re: The penalty on 74 for unsportsmanlike conduct was instigated by...Bret Bielema.

    Friday before the Texas A&M game, and we're still talking about this?
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    Re: '16 AL OLB Lyndell Wilson

    doesn't matter if were 104th if were not first....
  7. Re: An Honest Question About DB Play For Those Who KNow

    its fairly normal to start out a game being slightly cautious, and then open things up oncew you sort out what the opponent is trying to do.

    we played good defense for having several young guys...
  8. Re: Saban's 2015 New Gameplan - We score A LOT, you punt a lot

    Who said we would be unbalanced. You can pass, or run, out of a hurry up or no huddle offense. I believe being balanced is still very much our plan.
  9. Re: More Trouble for Rolando - Suspended First Four Games of Season

    It actually, sadly, appears true due to his past issues...which are once again his current issues.
  10. Link: Re: Former Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing cellmate in prison

    How about blaming him???
  11. Question: Re: B-Ball Recruiting: Who will Coach Avery be meeting?

    They don't play outdoors...:)
  12. Link: Re: Harbaugh takes a stand, shoes "American Sniper" after university cancels it.

    I hate censorship based on personal opinions...
    If they dont want to view it....simply dont go!
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    Re: Prediction: Florida State beats Oregon

    Last years Auburn team inst nearly as good as this years Oregon team. Mariota is head and shoulders better than Nick Marshall, and the Oregon defense is much improved, IMO.
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    Re: Prediction: Florida State beats Oregon

    They've been disrespected because they havent been that good.
    They're talented, but havent played up to last years standards all season.

    To me, This game could go either way, but, I think that...
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    Re: Interesting Stat - Saban in title games

    Of course they'll say it, it happened. Cant argue against it. A 9-1 records is incredible, but, the ONLY coach to beat him in a championship game is...Urban Meyer. why would they not say it?
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