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  1. Re: Michael Dyer, academically ineligible for the bowl game

    Makes you appreciate the great job Trooper did making sure he went to class when he was at the barn.
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    Re: SURPRISE!! Winston Cleared by FSU

    In other news water is still wet...................
  3. Re: If we beat Ohio State, who do you want to see us play?

    ^^^^^^This NEXT!!!!!!!!
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    Re: So Muschamp is in. Realistic expectations?

    I'm not real sure of Muschamp's history so correct me if I am wrong. He was DC under CNS at LSU. CNS always has a good defense no matter who the DC is. I don't think the LSU defenses are LSU were...
  5. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update, CWM allegedly going to USCe)

    BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I forgot, how many yards did we get on Boom's defense this year? Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will see how he likes putting his defense on the field when they run a...
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    and this
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    Any bets who Skip Clueless is going to pick? He hasn't picked us yet, sooner or later he might be right.
  8. Link: Re: Want to get a glimpse of what's wrong with the CFP committee? Read this....

    When the Big 12 learns to count someone might take them seriously. At least the Big 10 has at least 10 teams.
  9. Game Thread Re: Anybody a `Zona Fan tonite ??

    I am a Zona fan tonight. It is a way to thank Rich Rod and Rita for staying away from Tuscaloosa and everything that has happened since.
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    Link: Re: CNS Senses Some are Overlooking Mizzou

    I am exactly the same way. I worry about every game no matter who we play.
  11. Re: Interesting comparison of Sims and Winston...

    I have to admit I didn't Sims would bet out Coker. From what little he got to pass in mop duty I wondered if he had an arm good enough. I couldn't be prouder of him. He stayed 5 years, worked hard...
  12. Re: The joke continues: Winston's school conduct hearing to take at noon at FSU

    I'm sure they will just give the girl a semester suspension and a apology to Jamis. Publix will agree to provide crab legs for life and Burger King will install a drink fountain in his home. FSU will...
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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    The ACC will probably suspend the ref for getting in his way.
  14. Re: Shall we refer to this play as the "Auburn Butt Fumble"

    So he knows what happened sitting in Birmingham, Alabama???????? Typical Barner
  15. Re: Shall we refer to this play as the "Auburn Butt Fumble"

    I checked out the barner forum. They are saying it should have been a false start called so they was robbed. Maybe it should be a false start but they do it EVERY play. They would never get a play...
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