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    Re: georgia loses

    you can never count out AtM as long as Sumlin is there. his offense is pretty much a plug and play O and they have always put up big numbers. mainly because it is not that complicated. a lot of hitch...
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    Re: Where is the read option?

    I'm with you on this one. I mean, was nervous for this season based off of his "A day" game performance. but then I thought "if he is that bad, but Coker could not beat him out, how bad is Coker?"...
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    Question: Re: Is the ACC better than the BIG 10,11,12?

    ACC??? oh yeah...the Almost Competitive Conference
  4. Re: Widening the field can be just as important as lengthening the field

    it is not so much that a long ball is required. the yards after catch are just as important. I don't care if Sims can throw it 60yds down field or not. if he doesn't have the arm you help him by...
  5. Re: Do you think Sims separated himself further today?

    you and me both. you also have to ask yourself about he competition that the highly ranked QB played against in HS.
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    Re: Teams You Watch In Hopes They Lose

    I don't even like to watch the barn lose. now Tennessee aTm, Oregon, Baylor, FSU and South Carolina on the other hand, I could watch them lose all day long.
  7. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    to me, the whole concept is to create mismatches on defense. Sylve was a mismatch for most of the game for WVU. He may hold serve for most of the game and do just fine. but one broken play here or...
  8. Question: Re: Why does Florida State get a free pass? Discussion of the talking heads on the ra

    with the schedule FSU has, it is easy to look like the stronger team....
  9. Question: Re: Why does Florida State get a free pass? Discussion of the talking heads on the ra

    she is overrated...
  10. Re: What does it mean when people say "we must learn to "STOP" the HUNH offenses"?


    try three. or at least a good extra db. it is easier to find a guy that can catch a 10 yd. slant than it is to find a guy that can cover it every play. however, I did like the game plan of...
  11. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    should we even pay attention to any poll before week #6?? yea, Bama is ranked #2 and all that but it is all "Noise" until the season gets started.
  12. Re: What did you learn from the Thursday night games you watched? (My seven things)

    Hill looked real good throwing against air. USC better switch back to the 43. no pass rush and most big completions came on crossing routes and the wr broke a tackle or two. I do know that having...
  13. Re: We Want Bama
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    Link: Re: Rivals100: Cowart takes over at No. 1

    we would not have anything to talk about in the off season then...
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    Re: Comments from Saban

    I would like to add just one thing. the WR's have to catch the ball. Blake would have looked a lot better if the WR's had of held onto the ball a few more times.
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