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    Re: Maryland Takes Uniforms to Another Level

    Ugly, but looks better than most of Maryland's uniforms.
  2. Re: How will the 11:00 start time impact this weeks game?

    LOVE the early games.
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    Re: Spurrier vs Dabo Part 13526

    In their war of words, I agree SS usually comes out on top, BUT, Dabo has the single top remark, " Everyone knows Carolina is in Chapel Hill, and USC is in California."
  4. Re: Chick-fil-A Puts the "Peach" Back Into the Beach Powl

  5. Re: What would you consider a "success" for the 2014 season?

    Success will come "IF", running backs that can hold on to the ball play, and running back that fumble SIT.
    O-linemen who can't get the snap count, and get other "foolish"penalties, SIT with the...
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    Re: Top 10 Packers of all time

    As far as the "Greatest to ever lace up cleats". If we got back to the old grading film of every play, every assignment made and missed; I'll put John Hannah's grad against ANY.
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    Any concerns about positions in 2014 class?

    All the panic over any one player really makes me laugh.
    I am a lil concerned thought, that this class has no TE, or HB/FB types in it.
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    Thanks Coach Dan Waters

    For the help in the recruiting of Tony Brown and Marlon Humphery, and congradz on having two world class runners ready to get in the blocks.
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    Re: Eli Gold says Nussmeier was not pushed out

    Eli Gold said........
    I really wish Eli would learn to do RADIO PLAY BY PLAY and quit calling the game like a TV announcer. His job is with the RADIO broadcast.
    The great radio voice and the...
  10. Re: Do You Feel the Selection Committee Will "Get it Right" or do you have concerns?

    Something that really could happen=
    LSU beats Bama
    *U beats LSU
    Bama beats *U
    All three win the rest of their games,
    only one of the three can go to Hotlanta for the SECCG.
    How much is not...
  11. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    Nick says he doesn't like "CLUTTER". Kiffen is nothing but clutter.
  12. TROUBLE follows Lane Kiffin

    Maybe I can say this being, at the moment, Kiffin is not a member of the Bama staff.
    Trouble and stupidity have followed Kiffin's career.
    Cheating and NCAA investigation go hand in hand with him....
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    Re: Charlie Strong already facing backlash

    Same thing happened here when Bama hired that guy from Georgia Tech.
  14. Re: Thumbs up to Nessler and Blackledge Thursday Night!!!!!!!!!!

    YEP, CBS should get a clue.
    I work with Bama, barn, UGA and vol fans, don't know anybody who likes Dern & Vary.
    Even though Danielson does have great knowledge of the game, his knowledge leans PRO...
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    Re: Saban's LSU Defenses were base 4-3

    Good info in the link on the Mustang Package of LSU and the 3-2-6. Sunseri & Collins could make someone most miserable from that if CBs held up their end.
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