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    Re: Cooper vs Julio...Who is better?

    This wouldn't even be a question if AJ McCarron had been throwing to Julio Jones. When you have a strong armed quarterback it makes a world of difference.

    Cooper is probably more technically...
  2. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #1 - DE, Da'Shawn Hand****

    Disruptive doesn't have a set weight. It's an innate ability some guys just have. If he's disruptive enough I don't care what his weight is.

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    Link: Re: Alabama starting sims vs wvu

    Unless Blake Sims arm strength has improved tremendously our running game will be hampered by the lack of a vertical passing game. Safeties can stay in the box to help contain him, and to have more...
  4. Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    Truth hurts Bob. Still means Saban failed at getting the team ready. Of course that is the challenge when you get to the top of the mountain, you have to make your own obstacles.

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    Re: ILB Leo Lewis Decommits from Alabama

    For some reason it's hard to pull top talent in Mi$$i$$ippi away from the cellar dwelling universities there.

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  6. Link: Re: Greg McElroy breaks down Auburn's offense

    Break it down however you want, as long as they can shift at will, have illegal formations, and snap the ball before the referees are ready, they will be tough to defend.

    As far as passing, that...
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    Re: RIP BamaArrived2006 10/1987-5/2014

    Prayers and condolences to her family.

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    Link: Re: Source: Chad Lindsay To Buckeyes

    Could've tried him at left guard before he took off....

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  9. Re: "We will not be in the national championship game" Charlie Strong

    Establishing realistic expectations. At least for the first year. Also builds a little fire under the team to prove him wrong.

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  10. Link: Re: ***2015 OG Richie Fontaine Petitbon commits to Bama***

    Welcome aboard and Roll Tide!

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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    This is what I think happened .

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Praying for your family.

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  13. Re: DePriest and Devall Discuss the HUNH Teams

    This is the part that concerns me. It's very difficult to adjust to breaking the rules, or bending them just short of breaking. How do you adjust to the prairie dog offensive linemen? How can you...
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    Re: Caption This

    "You want me to wear THAT hat?"

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  15. Re: NCAA to allow widespread usage of eight-man officiating crews

    Rest assured regardless of where Shaw decides to put that eighth referee he will face criticism. His Alabama sheepskin guarantees that.

    I firmly believe the HUNH offenses are utilized to avoid...
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