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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    Looking at some numbers-

    Last season we averaged 38.2 points and 454 yards a game.

    This year 42 points and 568 yards a game and have only punted a few times in 3 games.
    And more points and...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. USM - Postgame Thread****

    Number 1 in the nation in rushing yards given up and no rushing TDs given up shouldn't be described as a sieve, no matter who we played.

    Our defense isn't as good as normal, but they haven't been...
  3. Re: Do you think Sims separated himself further today?

    I think it's BS that has the job, but i liked what i saw from JC too, just needs some seasoning.

    This is a good thing, both guys played well and we have another tune up game against USM.
  4. Re: Video - All of Blake Sims' plays against WVU

    What id like to see is a solid 250 yard, 2 TD game without mistakes.
    I don't think thats too much to ask considering the supporting cast and a pretty QB friendly scheme.

    Hopefully either Sims or...
  5. Re: Video - All of Blake Sims' plays against WVU

    Thought Sims did some good things, i like his mobility and he didn't get too flustered for a guy starting his first game.

    His numbers were OK, but i was looking at stats for SEC QBs this weekend,...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. WVU - Postgame Thread****

    My take.
    I hope the team grows up a lot in the next few weeks, so many new guys in the mix this year.
    Super talented, but need experience.

    I don't want to be too hard on Sims, i thought he did...
  7. Re: Mel Kiper taking a shot a former Alabama players in the NFL.

    McClain is a legit failure, but that was more of a mental/motivation issue for him.
    And Jackson has been a disappointing 1st round CB.

    Other than those two, i think every other recent pick has...
  8. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Reinstated by the Baltimore Ravens

    I loved him at Bama, but he has been a major bust as a pro athlete.

    Seems like a head case.
  9. Re: Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault - update: DNA match found

    If the prosecutor doesn't move forward with this, i can't imagine the girl and her lawyer just going away and forgetting about it.
    With the way the police department handled everything, it smells of...
  10. Question: Re: Does the Manziel and Marriotta performances open the door for AJ for the Heisman?

    I think the door is wide open for AJ right now, and even with Bama fatigue going on, i think there will still be a lot of voters that can appreciate a high character guy that does nothing but win...
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    Re: Pick the score: Miss. State vs. Alabama

    Dak Prescott got dinged in the aTm game, he may not play this week.

    This is not a good MSU team, they may hang around for awhile, but we win big in the end 41-7.
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    Re: **** QB David Cornwell Commits to Bama ***

    I stay off the forums for a few days, and then i was hit with this good news when i logged in.

    I guess im late to the party, but this is a great pick, this guy seems to have all the tools to be an...
  13. Re: Will this year's team be as good as last year's team?

    I think we'll be even better than last year, the offense could be unstoppable.

    And whos gone beat us anyway?
    LSU lost so many players and it's at Bryant Denny this year.
    A&M is gone come back to...
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    Re: Your Thoughts on NFL Draft (Round 1)

    The CB from Houston (Hayden) that the Raiders drafted is an interesting story, he had a big health scare last year, but now that he was recently cleared medically, he rose up the charts quickly.
  15. Re: Derrick Henry to Miss A-Day Because of Surgery

    This is the same bone that Kenny Bell broke if I'm remembering it right.
    DH should be good to go for the fall.
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