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    What European country is your perfect fit?

    I quit about 4 questions in. There was no "none of the above" option, which is what I would have taken on all of them. I didn't like any of the options. I guess that means none of them are a...
  2. Re: Jeb Bush: Constitution doesn't grant a"right" to gay marriage

    So therefore, meaningless?

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  3. Question: Re: Amtrak crash, Human error?, Infrastructure failure?

    I miss the fetcher threads.
  4. Question: Re: Amtrak crash, Human error?, Infrastructure failure?

    This looks 100% human error (or intentional). Probably error as I heard this morning the engineer applied the emergency brakes at the last second. Also heard that tracks were inspected just a few...
  5. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    Nice. But not better than the original ;)
  6. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    I can't print it here, but there's a line where Samuel L Jackson had had enough of some snakes on a plane.
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    And more:
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    What music are you diggin'?

    Saw these guys open for Blackberry Smoke last week. Proof that rock is not dead.
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    Re: New Star Wars teaser

    I think JJ will do a much better job than Lucas did with the last 4 he did. At least I hope so. JJ did Star Trek well.
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    Legislature of Clowns...

  11. Re: Framework for a Nuclear Deal with Iran: apparently agreement

    This is how I know the world has gone mad. There should be no nuclear deal with Iran. The U.S.., Russia, China, and the EU may have their differences, but if there's one thing we should all agree...
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    Re: Advertising videos - Arrgghh!!

    On a similar note, I avoid web sites that automatically start playing audio or video. It's okay to make it available for me to launch if I want, but it's annoying to browse to a web site and all of...
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    Re: 2 Cellos - Thunderstruck!!

    Cool. This version is very impressive too:
  14. Re: UK Krispy Kreme apologizes for KKK promotion - Krispy Kreme Klub

    I think I found a picture of "her" for you:
  15. Re: Sesquicentennial: Sherman occupies Columbia, South Carolina

    It's Gervais Street, and the Publix is built in what used to be a Confederate mint, which produced Confederate money. It is cool to visit the State House and see where the Yankee cannonballs struck....
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