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  1. A&M 33 Commits, UGA 30...I thought the limit was 25?

    Can anyone explain how A&M and UGA are going significantly over the SEC's self-imposed scholarship limit of 25 players annually?

    Thanks, RTR!
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    Alabama 2012 Lines and Odds

    Some interesting Lines and Odds on Bama and others this season on

    Bama is a double digit favorite over every team except ARK & LSU. LSU has 3 games that are 3 pts or less. ...
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    Re: Why do you despise ND?

    I've always hated ND. I think they represent everything that is wrong with College Football. The only thing I like about ND is that they are one of the Elite Traditional Programs that make College...
  4. If you're angry about the Heisman, blame Texas

    I've read a lot of posts on this board from people that are angry about Trent not winning the Heisman, some blame SEC bias, some blame the loss to LSU, etc. The fact is that after the Auburn game,...
  5. Losing Nov. 5th may be best thing for Bama in hindsight

    I was thinking... If November 4th, someone told me that we would be playing LSU in a Rematch for the BCS Championship, would I have rather won that game or lost that game?

    We all understand how...
  6. Re: Can anyone explain the BCSCG Ticket Situation?

    Thanks Wylie! That was the best post on this thread. Great info. I'm in Frisco, so let me know if you find someone local that is selling tickets at a reasonable price. I need 2-4. Thanks again. ...
  7. Re: Can anyone explain the BCSCG Ticket Situation?

    I expect Ticket Broker's and Scalpers to be asking ridiculous prices, but the fact that nobody even has a chance to buy tickets at Face Value is what seems criminal. Why should Ticket Brokers get to...
  8. Can anyone explain the BCSCG Ticket Situation?

    I'm very confused about what is going on with the tickets for the game... I went to the 2009 Title Game and sold tickets prior to the game for $275 per ticket. Granted, I didn't...
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    LSU vs BAMA Predictions

    I figured I'd start this thread, as I find it comical that LSU is still #1 in both polls. Don't get me wrong, I'm GLAD they are #1, because I would rather beat the "#1" team, than have someone else...
  10. Thread: LSU is #1

    by TideFactor

    Re: LSU new number 1 in AP

    Appreciate all the responses. I for one, don't want to be #1, however I do believe we look like the best team 4 weeks into the season. I'm fine with OU being #1 until they lose or until we beat...
  11. Thread: LSU is #1

    by TideFactor

    LSU is #1

    I think LSU is a very good team, but I don't think they have much of a chance of beating Bama. Yes, LSU's schedule is tough this year, and so far, it's been as tough as anyone based on today's...
  12. Anyone have any idea on the Game Time for Ole Miss in Oxford?

    Appreciate the help. Trying to make travel plans and can't find anything but TBD.
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    Re: PROS of Auburn Winning & Losing Title Game

    Hey, I agree with most of you...there aren't a lot of positives in an Auburn National Championship. I'm trying to figure out what they are so that I can be properly prepared mentally incase it does...
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    PROS of Auburn Winning & Losing Title Game

    There is no doubt, I am pulling for Oregon in this game as I detest everything about Auburn and the idea of them winning a National Title makes me sick, especially since I believe they paid players...
  15. Kenny Rogers just blew the whistle on Cecil Newton

    Kenny Rogers says that Cecil Newton said it would take between $100,000-$180,000 to get Cam Newton on Nov. 27, 2009 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Starkville, MS... This just gets better and better.
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