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  1. Link: Re: Trent Richardson signs with ravens

    Yes, this. Make the team. Then make defenders suffer.
  2. Re: Interesting Denver Post Comparison.-Derrick Henry-Von Miller

    What a great comparison. Both are hosses.
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    Re: The Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case

    Can someone link to the article in the Chattanooga Times-Free Press about UT trying to have Peyton Manning's name removed from the UT sexual assault suit? Sorry, I can't link on my smart phone and...
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    Re: The Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case

    If Peyton retires, would this perception of scandal keep him from being hired as QB coach for UT? He has been quoted as saying that's the UT coaching job he'd like (or words to that effect).

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    Re: Update on TIDE-HSV

    Great timing on that routine check-up! It sounds like you are up. Now, just get "at 'em" soon.
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    News Article: Re: Cam Newton Sure Thinks A Lot Of Himself

    Agreed. However, this thread has been informative about how far we as a state or maybe just the posters on Tidefans have come about race relations. Maybe that's the way I choose to read these posts....
  7. News Article: Re: Alabama Restores Order to College Football Universe WSJ 1-9-16

    Some articles make you mad or upset or are just okay. This one just brings a smile to your face. Roll Tide!
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    Re: Kirby, thanks for the memories

    First, Coach Smart. You will be missed. We always felt you were one of us, although we knew your heart was in Georgia. Go home and beat Auburn.

    Second, SURELY Coach Kiffin has higher standards....
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    Re: The Man I'm Happiest For? Adam Griffith

    Totally agree with you and Selma. Redemption. Karma. Whatever you call it, Adam lived up to everything CNS knew he could do. Can't be happier for him. I've been a long time fan of his, from Calhoun...
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    Game Thread Re: Jax State vs North Dakota State (ESPN2)

    Their fans travels well, other fans I know. When the FCS championships were played in Chattanooga, it was cool to see the NDS fans in cowboy hats and boots at every restaurant in town. They...
  11. Re: NYE and Cotton Bowl: How is NYE affecting your normal game watch plans?

    Yes. Older. California. Crazy Bama fan.

    Real answer is do everything advisors say do to build your 401(k) if you can. Learn to sail. Buy a boat. $300 a month on a mooring ball in the Middle Keys.
  12. Re: NYE and Cotton Bowl: How is NYE affecting your normal game watch plans?

    Hubs and I live on a boat in the Keys in winter. Retired, of course. Not rich. Don't go out when we are at "dirt" home. DO go out NYE in the Keys. Will miss those bands this year while on boat...
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    Re: Cowherd thinks Bama is boring

    Agree with every word you said, Selma. Most of the time he is thoughtful and knowledgeable. Contrarian is a great description, too.

    I didn't hear his broadcast, but after all, we aren't Baylor....
  14. Re: Reggie Ragland named Senior Class Award Finalist

    Last day to vote. ttt
  15. Re: A new member's shout out to the world of Tide Fans

    Welcome out of the shadows, Bubbaloo Radley!
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