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  1. Re: What are Some of your Favorite Auburn/LSU/Tennessee Football Jokes?

    Why can they not have sex education and drivers ed at Auburn at the same time? They only have one donkey!!!
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    Question: Re: Any idea on the Crowd split at the game?

    I was there and it was 60/40, great fans very appreciative, talked to bunches of them and got no sense of entitlement. I feel like they were impressed with us.
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    BCS game - travel from Orlando?

    Is anyone else traveling from orlando to game?
  4. Re: Staying in Orlando for BCS Championship game

    Have my 6 year old son and he is more interested in legoland than a BCS championship
  5. Staying in Orlando for BCS Championship game

    Very reasonable hotel prices and there is a bus traveling to Miami from Orlando for $100 roundtrip
    heres the link
  6. Re: what was the most stressful bama game(s) youve ever attended?

    2007 Arkansas Razorback game, it was a home game, may have been Sabans first SEC home game that year, my throat gets sore just thinking about it
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