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    Re: Could the NFL succeed in Alabama?

    No thanks to an NFL team in Alabama.
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    News Article: Re: Cam Newton Sure Thinks A Lot Of Himself

    This young man is delusional. I don't know why anybody would be scared of him. I simply don't like him, or anything he stands for based on his behavior at UF, and then what happened to get him to...
  3. Re: Clemson players and coaches already saying they'll be back

    I believe they will be back. But I believe Alabama will be back, too.:smile:
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    Question: Re: Price and Shula

    He should have stayed in Pullman. He had it made there.
  5. Re: Evan Mathis is going to the Super Bowl

    Happy for Evan. Every player in the Super Bowl gets a least they used to.
  6. Re: Sweet highlight Video of Bama's season - best one I've seen

    Great video...gave me chill bumps!
  7. Thread: 16 ???

    by Alabama22

    Re: 16 ???

    And by the way, we pummeled Ole Miss 34-13 the first game of that same season. A couple of weeks later, they beat Notre Dame 20-13. Ole Miss went 5-6 that year. The bias from the media, AP and UPI...
  8. Link: Re: Nick Saban vs Bear Bryant: Who Is The Best Alabama Coach?

    When I hear the talking heads with the sports networks, especially people like Finebaum trying to tell us which coach is the best and how much we should care, then it should be even more apparent to...
  9. Link: Re: Nick Saban vs Bear Bryant: Who Is The Best Alabama Coach?

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    Re: Jake Coker in the NFL

    Funny! I started a thread in here a couple of months ago about how much Jake sounds like Elvis when he talks. I'm just waiting for him at the end of an interview to say "Thank you very much.":smile:
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    Jake Coker in the NFL

    Perhaps I'm just being a homer here, but if I were an NFL team in need of a QB, I would be salivating over Jacob Coker. I believe this young man has the size, mentality, leadership skills, and most...
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    Re: Shout out to Coach Bobby Williams.

    I was one of those calling for his head earlier this season. But you've gotta admit that special teams has not been our strong suit for most years since Saban's arrival. Bobby got it right the last...
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    Re: New Position For Jeremy Johnson - Like 12th Man

    Love it!!!
  14. Question: Re: Who is your choice for the Unsung Senior hero of 2015?

    It's a tie for me between Coker, Drake and Nysewander. It's very difficult to choose only one unsung hero with a bunch of unselfish players like we had this year.
  15. Re: Alabama's Most Significant Plays and Games

    Nice job and analysis! I love our response, as a team, to all the speculation that our dynasty is history. It is absolutely a great time to be alive and to be an Alabama fan!
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