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  1. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here

    Phil Fulmer
    Roy Kramer
    Roy Adams
    Doug Dickey
    Diane Sanford
    Rick Johanneigmeier (sp?)

    I know it's wrong to hate. What's ended up happening to that program should be enough.

    But I can't...
  2. Re: Sports Ill. thinks Bama is at Low Tide....

    Ellis isn't alone. I'd bet a lot of money that second only to Notre Dame, Alabama is the most hated program in the country. Since ND's been down for so long, and we've been so dominant, I wouldn't...
  3. Re: Question: Is Kelly back at Center for A&M?

    No disrespect, but where are you getting this information? I'd honestly be surprised is he's effective against UT.

    We have an off week after that, and I expect him back for LSU.

    I hope...
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    Re: CFN Bama vs Aggies

    The Ags will score. So Blake Sims needs to have the credible threat of the intermediate to deep pass. He doesn't have to hit a great percentage of them, but it absolutely MUST be believable enough...
  5. Re: Gators OC: Driskel has to play, offensive players don't know where to line up...

    To quote the punch line from an old joke, "I don't know if I'd a told that!"

    Tinfoil hat conspiracy theories are a sure sign of a program crumbling.

    Note: something strange w/ phone, and...
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    Re: JK Scott appreciation thread

    I'm old enough to have seen Ray Guy punt in Denny Stadium (not Bryant Denny then) when he played for Southern Miss. In the years since, I've often thought he was the only punter who could have left...
  7. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    Jameis??? Izatt choo??

    Absent blue font, I have to believe this is a serious post.

    Frietag has a quarter pound of pot, and nearly $5K in cash in his room in the football dorm.

    The benefit...
  8. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    When the PSU stuff happened I was a minority of one, advocating that the NCAA had no jurisdiction over a sexual predator / pedophile, and therefore no authority to levy fines for criminal offenses. ...
  9. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    As a proud member of the OFC, I still like to read books and newspapers in hard-copy form.

    Oh, my goodness. The Sunday NY Times has this on the center of the front page, above the fold. Inside,...
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    Re: Why are we where we are?

    Agreed. And absent misconduct or disruptive interactions with staff or players (neither of which I've heard a whisper about), I don't think it should.
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    Why are we where we are?

    Guys, right now, we're not good. We're not even average. Offensively and on special teams (ex punting) we range from poor to horrendous.

    I was in Fayetteville last night, and other than the run...
  12. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    Several thoughts in response to the situation and a number of other posts:

    -- Jameis Winston is a rapist. The Female Shafting University (FSU) and the Thug Protection Department (TPD) are...
  13. Re: Two smoking hot Louisiana teachers have threesome with student

    I feel strongly both ways.

    It is child abuse, and if it were two men on a 16 year old girl, we'd all have the pitchforks out.

    That said, this sort of thing seems to be happening all over, and...
  14. Re: Matthew McConaughey pep talk to Texas

    I wonder which controlled substance, legal or otherwise, led to that.
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    Re: Top 10 college football helmets

    Agreed 100%. Would add Penn State to the what the.... list.
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