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    Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?

    Hopefully it won't matter if BAMA does what BAMA should do, and that is beat the little brother badly.
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    Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?

    Which is good in my oinion, because I don't care for either one of them. But, honestly I hate the barn more.
  3. Re: Lane Kiffin's mother 'scared to death' for son's safety

    Yes, and no. Yes, because it is a similar situation. No, because BAMA is so much better now with Saban, and Franchione could have never taken us to the level that we are under CNS. However, UT would...
  4. Re: Lane Kiffin's mother 'scared to death' for son's safety

    I am concerned for CLK safety Saturday. But, you do have a point about CNS going back to LSU. Those corndogs are crazier than just about any fan base. I know I am stereotyping, but there is a reason...
  5. Re: Sooners' Mike Stoops hopes to see rule addressed (linemen downfield on passes)

    Maybe he can play Auburn in a bowl game :smile:. See more of it :smile:
  6. Re: Will Lane have to wear a helmet onto the field?

    I know that I am in the minority here. But, if I would love to see CLK coach rom the box Saturday. I am a little concerned that some crazy nut job might throw something at him. I know that they have...
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    Question: Re: Upset ALERT! Who ya got going down?

    I for one choose not to bet for, or against Alabama. Because I am biased, and I klnow it :).
  8. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    Sneezing on an airplane, and telling everyone he has Ebola :-). 1:29
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    Re: Poem from WVU board

    When I scrolled down to the comments. I did see a hula hoop girl that I liked :-). But, the poem made no sense :-)
  10. Re: What would be your choice for the frist game of the season - if not W.V.?

    North Carolina, because I love close to Chapel Hill :-). If not UNC, I would agree with the Barn. Get that game over with early, and if they did luck up, then it would not be as big of a blow than at...
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    Re: college football game on this weekend

    It is amost worse than that Boise blue junk. I like green.
  12. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best SEC RB's of the BCS Era

    I agree. I am not sure how Manziel will be in the pros, but I for one was thrilled to see him go :-). And, yes Mcfadden was in my opinion a beast @ Arkansas.
    Back to the list. I believe if Lacy had...
  13. Link: Re: Here's Week's 1 College Football TV Lineup Fro ESPN

    I am lloking forward to Clemson at Georgia, ESPN, 5:30. I am thinking that Georgia might be the team that emerges from the East this year. And, they will have a good test right out of the gate.
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    Re: Rough NFL start for Cyrus

    I think that he had all of the measurables, but it never really clicked like it should have. Similar to HUbbard on the defensive side of the ball. All of the measurbles were there, and he was really...
  15. News Article: Re: Report: Former Alabama RB Dee Hart to transfer to Colorado State

    Perfect fit for both CSU, and Hart. Wish both of them the best.
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