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  1. Re: 10 hrs walking around NYC as a white man (pun)

    Yeah to clarify I was not talking about the girl in the video at all. T-shirt and jeans is about as normal as you can get. And I've never been anywhere near New York so can't comment on the...
  2. Re: 10 hrs walking around NYC as a white man (pun)

    I agree with you, but I think there is a point where common sense trumps the ideal. Does a woman deserve to be harassed while wearing provocative clothing walking the street? No. Should she expect...
  3. Re: Can I just say I hate the fact that you can't see when you like/thank/dislike a p

    I thought it was just me. Been swimming in a glass case of emotion over here.
  4. Link: Re: Cam Robinson to miss several weeks with ankle injury

    Man we just can not catch a break on injuries this season.
  5. Re: US to allow women in combat roles - Good idea or bad?

    Marines are less willing to waffle on standards than the Army IMO. Ranger School experimentation will be starting soon. This should be fun.
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    Used to listen to Los Lobos with my dad. Recently "rediscovered" them. This is probably one of my favorite songs by them, I love the beat.

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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New Ebola thread reset...

    Maybe time to whip these out again:
  8. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Hawg style

    And yet ironically won the game for us!
  9. Re: Arkansas to wear throwback uniforms tomorrow

    Oh so they will be wearing grown-up uniforms then. ;)
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Game Thread****

    Well we just scored 3 TDs on Ole Miss. 21-3 boys.
  11. Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Pregame Thread****

    Anyone watching gameday? These guys are terrible at tying bowties lol.
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New Ebola thread reset...

    Well, it's not their fault they don't get the same coverage...
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    Re: College Football Fan Map by Zip Code

    Some odd combos in there. Not sure why Florida and Texas are so popular in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. And Oregon is certainly the team along the Pacific. Apparently the favorite team in...
  14. Re: THIS is why you don't stretch the ball into the endzone...

    Earl Alexander
  15. Link: Re: University forces club sports teams to remove Script A and other logos/colors

    Yes, the have to be officially registered with the university, so I don't see where they are competing with the university in logo use.

    Many of these teams are the only teams the university fields...
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