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  1. Re: Names of Alabama players who didn't play in yesterday's game?

    Henry did play. He is on special teams.
  2. WARNING!! To those hunting for last second tickets for AM game

    Don't buy tickets in sections 324-339; 224-239; 134-140; 150-157; 1-20 or rows 20 and higher in Sections 141 and 142. Texas A&M Student Tickets CANNOT be resold.
  3. Re: Alabama vs Auburn 2 tickets for sale in Bama Section

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    Re: Tickets have arrived!

    I love ticket day but honestly I don't know who designs these tickets...they have had terrible designs for many years now
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    Re: barners are spewing more garbage

    AJ shut it down himself with a tweet. Says he is fine and shows a pic of his ankles. Both are fine. Haha. Idiot barners.
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    barners are spewing more garbage

    Scout barner boards are claiming AJ broke his ankle today. They do know that we didn't practice today right? They are morons and I just came to state the obvious about them. Idiots!!!
  7. Alabama vs Auburn 2 tickets for sale in Bama Section

    2 side by side seats for the iron bowl section 101 row 31 seats 12-13 $400. Tickets in hand and ready to ship. Inbox me if you are interested.
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    Re: Pick 'Em contest

    I'm hosting a pickem contest this year. It's a 25 dollar buyin for the year. There will be weekly payouts and a yearly season payout. Inbox me if you are interested.
  9. Re: Barn charging five bucks for their spring game

    Just because I don't post all the time doesn't make me a troll. I'm sorry if it upsets me that our fan base didnt show their support on Saturday like they should have. For those that went, like I...
  10. Re: Barn charging five bucks for their spring game

    Does it look like I'm a troll on this forum?
  11. Re: Nick Saban on AJ McCarron: 'He is the Best Leader on Our Team'

    I was born in 1978 and AJ is by far the best QB we have had in my lifetime.
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    Question: Re: When was the first "SEC" cheer?

    We are such a dominant conference right now.
  13. Re: Be Honest-After Shula Was Fired/Before Coach S Was Hired, Who Did You Want As Coa

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    Re: Sports Illustrated cover again!

    Sorry it's regional
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    Re: Alabama to return to Cowboys Stadium

    He means we will play in the National championship game there in 2014. Come on man, think like a Champion.
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