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    Re: Pick the score: Florida vs. Alabama

    30 to 13 Bama. I think our D better than credited.
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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    Body language on the sidelines and the facial expressions after some of their interactions could certainly lean to supporting this concern. Not sure what's going to happen in a truly stressful...
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    Re: Are we saving our Tight ends?

    More importantly, are we Tying up Loose Ends?
  4. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    48-20 rtr
  5. Re: Way Too Early Odds to Win 2014-2015 National Championship

    That's what Vegas is hoping a lot of people say!
  6. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    Don't post much but observe quite a bit. Agree that the world isn't ending with Luke leaving though to be honest, I was pulling for him, maybe because I remember how tough and competitive his dad...
  7. Re: LSU vs Texas A&M - Who does Bama want to see win?

    An LSU win would make our domination of them that much stronger, especially in poll voters minds. Shouldn't matter if we keep winning but put every chip in the stack you can!
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    Re: Pick the score: Miss. State vs. Alabama

    Don't think an early hangover will be the problem but may lose some focus with a big lead in the second half. 28-3 at half stretches to 42-3 in third and ends up at 45-10 after we clear the bench...
  9. Question: Re: Up To This Point Of The Season..Which Crimson Tide Player Has Impressed You The M

    He was great last year, just overshadowed by the glamour all around him--he's only gotten better this year. Seems to never miss an assignment. I love Robinson too on the other side of the ball!
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    Re: Pick the score: LSU vs. Alabama

    Thinking we're 7 better than last year, the Who's are 7 worse so put it in a bag and shake it out and I think you get an 18 point win as we put up 40 plus again:
    Bama 41
    LSWho 23 (if their kicker...
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    Re: Pick the Score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    UT O-line could help them keep time of possession from getting too far out of hand and limit scoring opportunities. I'm thinking 35-13 (second team will give up a TD in the fourth unfortunately!)...
  12. Re: BAMA-LSU at same time as niece's 30th birthday party.... What would you do?

    Sounds like payback to me!
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    Re: Pick The Score: Arkansas vs. Alabama

    UF might disagree given that Lester and his Tiggers did similar to them a while back but remarkable just the same!

    Guessing we won't want to tick off the Arky AD too much as we lay the groundwork...
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    Re: Injuries piling up on the Dawgs

    Feel really bad for Bennett since he watched the SEC Championship last year with an injury as well. He's a tough kid.
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    Re: Pick the Score: Kentucky vs. Alabama

    34 for the team in C&W but only 3 for the Mildcats
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