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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    I'm for Oregon because they have hotter cheerleaders.
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    Re: boogers D-coordnator

    I hope Boom is smarter than that.
  3. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    One final note before Earle mashes the Move Post button: I attended UA for my first two years, then followed my sweetheart south to USA, where we both earned our degrees. While I will always...
  4. Re: Former official claims Alabama’s Sylve should have been credited with pick

    As I said in the other thread, that was either an incomplete pass or an interception.

    And I disagree that overall, the game was well officiated. There were missed calls all over the field.
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    Re: Ellis Johnson out at Auburn

    Yeah, BUT...

    He was coaching against those patsy PAC-10/12 offenses. I mean, how hard can it be to tackle a fairy princess?

    There ain't no fairy princesses running the football or running...
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    Re: SEC Shorts 2014 Iron Bowl Parody


    I'll give it six out of ten stars, but only because it pokes fun at that school over in Auburn, GA.
  7. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    That's exactly what South Alabama did decades ago--get out of the UA system and develop their own curriculum and athletic priorities. USA is now an FBS school, with rising attendance and good...
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    Re: Ellis Johnson out at Auburn

    Jess mentioned this in his wrapup post, and some of y'all have noted it here in this thread.

    When your defense has to practice against a HUNH offense, and your coach treats defense as a necessary...
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    Re: The 5 Stages of Grief - Malzahn Style

    Posted at IBCR, with Kudo's to Special K and a link back here.
  10. Re: Ohio State player missing; update: Found dead

    What a terrible tragedy. As someone with a family member that committed suicide, I can sympathize with the young man's family.

    The pain never goes away. It's something that, over time, you just...
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    Question: Re: Who thought Sylve had an int?

    That was a horrible call. That play was either one of two things: An incomplete pass or an interception.

    I don't normally complain about individual bad calls because the best way to avoid being...
  12. Re: People complaining the SEC no longer being a defensive powerhouse

    I am uncomfortable playing basketball on grass with teams that are built for playing basketball on grass.

    The final two games of last season we attempted just that, and went 0-2.

    There's an old...
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    Re: Confession Time!

    I always read those threads after the fact. I just can't concentrate on the game and the fast-moving game threads at the same time. Sue me: I'm not a multitasker.

    But they can be a tremendous...
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    Re: Confession Time!

    Ask my wife. After about the fifth time in the early third quarter that I said "we're gonna win this game," she turned to me and told me to "STOP saying that!!!"

    After the game, I stepped out on...
  15. Re: Ohio State player missing

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Clearly however, there were red flags everywhere, or so it seems.

    And I truly do pray that he's found, alive and safe, and gets back to something resembling a...
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