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  1. Re: 9 Year Old Girl Girl Banned from School for Shaving Head

    Isn't this the same state where a six year old boy who "thought" he was a girl was allowed to use the girls' restroom?
  2. Re: Opinion-The Five Greatest Rock Songs Ever Written

    Tales of Brave Ulysses... Cream
    Immigrant Song... Led Zeppelin
    Suite Judy Blue Eyes... Crosby, Stills, and Nash
    Blister in the Sun... Violent Femmes
    Behind Blue Eyes... The Who
  3. Re: Rules Committee recommends 10 second substitution window

    Here's a thought. How about you enforce the rules that are already on the books, like illegal shift, illegal substitution, too many men in the backfield, and ineligible receiver downfield?
  4. Re: Former NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin Convicted of Corruption

    Ray Nagin?

  5. Re: Black Activists force out Trader Joe's...claim it would attract too many whites

    Trader Joe's typically has healthy, non-processed foods at much lower prices than unhealthy, over-processed foods sold at other outlets.

    I'm sure that community could use some more convenience...
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    Re: Phillip Seymour Hoffman is dead

    I took a screenwriting class that his brother Gordy taught. Super nice guy. My heart breaks for him... and the kids.
  7. Re: Songs of 1984 are turning 30 -- Snake gets credit for the idea!

    I was in middle school... 7th and 8th grade. Currently, I'm student teaching in a 6th grade classroom. A couple of Fridays ago was '80s day, and since my supervising teacher wasn't born until 1983,...
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    Re: What's your favorite song lyric ever?

    Went to the prom, wore the fly blue rental.
    Got six girlies in my Lincoln Continental.
    I met a girl at the party and she started to flirt,
    I told her some rhymes and she pulled up her skirt.
  9. Re: Making The Case For Police Brutality (Justin Bieber)

    60 in a Lamborghini is idling. :rolleyes:
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    Link: Re: Are you a psychopath? - test

  11. Game Thread Re: Patriots at Broncos (AFC Championship Game)

    The fact that Richard Sherman plays for the Seahawks makes me want to see Manning drop several touchdowns on him.
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    Re: I predict Kiffin will....

    ... use the weapons that we have and force opponents to defend the entire field.

    Oh yeah... and we may hang 60 on Tennessee next year.
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    Re: Dear Auburn!
  14. Re: Winston, TPD and Maybe FSU to Face Civil Lawsuit

    I am not a lawyer, and I haven't stayed in a Holiday Inn Express in years, but having seen this process occur while a student at the University of Alabama, I think that the State's Attorney should...
  15. Re: Additional thought on defending the HUNH...

    As I have said before, a small part of this offseason should be devoted to reviewing game film from games where we faced HUNH and compiling a tape of all of the missed calls to send to the SEC...
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