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  1. Re: Former Alabama Player Trevor Lacey Declares for NBA Draft

    with his age, he probably figures he needs to make a move to a level higher than college even if it is overseas or Dleague. he only has about 5 years left in his prime as far as athletic ability...
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    Re: CBS best HC ranking

    i dont buy Gus anywhere near the top 10. his offense is very imaginative. but his 2 year record with a couple of those being lucky wins does not warrant this ranking for him. JMHO and he has time to...
  3. Re: Final Four games thread (Duke/Sparty and Bucky/Big Blue)

    anyone know exactly why the game is on 3 channels?
  4. Re: If the Cincinnati Bengals 'wake up,' could AJ McCarron be their quarterback in 20

    folks. it would take a complete meltdown from Dalton for AJ to "take" his spot. Dalton isnt Manning. But he's not chopped liver either. injuries could change everything though
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    Re: Woodlawn Movie

    i'll be checking this one out as well
  6. Re: NFL Network's David Jeremiah Gives Critique of Bama DL

    yeh.. its just hard for 300 lb DE's to get off blocks trying to make a play on a screen pass. or even trying to get into position to make a tkl on a read option play once the play is beyond the LOS.....
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    Re: Geno Smith Arrested

    hope he learns from this 2nd mistake. but i'd like to see someone else at his position during football season. no excuses for a 2nd dui
  8. Re: Top Coaches List (Bleacher Report - but it's the offseason)

    i agree with the top 2. but dan mullen is too high.
  9. News Article: Re: Mark Ingram a Free Agent No Longer...4 Year-16 million dollar deal from the Saint

    i dont think its as bad as it seems. I dont think the Saints will be as good as the past but they are going to be a more run first team. Ingram will be the number 1 back. He just wont get all the...
  10. Re: 49ers LB Chris Borland Retires at Age 24

    playing NFL football is probably like being in 20-30 minor car accidents per game along with 1-2 major. i'm pretty sure it takes it's toll on the body and the mind.
  11. Re: Not Surprising News: Colts Waive Trent Richardson

    still nothing guaranteed. he's going to have to make an impression. i could see him being the 3rd RB.
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    as far as the secondary goes, it's not about always having an "NFL" corner. I watch tons of college football and see players that wouldnt even sniff it here as a walkon lock in and knock the ball...
  13. News Article: Re: Mark Ingram a Free Agent No Longer...4 Year-16 million dollar deal from the Saint

    the Saints did acquire Max Unger from Seattle. one of the best run blocking centers in the league. Which tells me they look to be more of a downhill team next season.
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    Re: Amari Cooper Pro Day Update

    i dont care what anyone says. Amari would put up sick numbers in that Raiders offense.. As far as winning goes, that remains to be seen.
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    Re: New coach search...

    Crean is on the hot seat himself.. i'm thinking we will try to make a bigger splash
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