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    Re: Best Jersey Number In Alabama History?

    As a Bama fan, #54 has always been my favorite number. Also like 22 and 34.
  2. Re: Things You Want to See More of in Week Two (My Seven Things)

    I'd like to see a zone read play every now and then just to show the D that we can run it.
    And maybe a CB blitz (Javy says hello)
    More OJ in the passing game, as well as the H-back.
    As already...
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    No helmet schedule yet.

    Can any of you know-how guys get it done.? Sure would appreciate it.
  4. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    38-0 with Bama winning going away and running out the clock.
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    Re: Anecdotal Crimson Tide Fanaticism

    My wife still says I kicked our dog one year when Bama was having a bad game. Well, he shouldn't have been wagging his tail and acting all happy and should have known that I was in a bad mood.
  6. Re: Cooper Makes the Cover of One of SI's Five Regional Covers

    Is that a black number on his jersey? What's up with that??
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Arrested

    If he did, I wonder how much good it would have done to explain this to the cops and try to get them to let him get his phone, so that he could call a friend for a ride. Might have been worth a try.
  8. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    Yeah, he did apologize (thru his lawyer), but he blamed it all on being a 20 year old. Since when are 20 year olds not responsible for their actions.
  9. Link: Re: Report: Louisville football recruit arrested after impregnating his cousin

    "Chokin your chicken"!!!???? Good Lowered! :eek2:
  10. Re: Would you Follow the Tuscaloosa Tide - Minor League Football Team?

    If Bama had the talent level of the Sun Belt, it would just mean that the rest of the SEC would have about the same talent. That would still make for some pretty good football games. I absolutely...
  11. Re: Water's Wet. Fat Meat's Greasy.4 UGA Players Arrested

    IMO, this should be in blue font.
  12. Re: Is Coach Saban the Most Disliked Man in College Athletics?

    I think the best word to describe how other fan bases/coaches feel about Saban is .....fear.
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    Re: Offensive Line futures discussion

    Not saying that Lindsay should start at center over Kelly, but he just seems like too good a player to be a back-up another year, and as mentioned, the rest of the line just seems to play more...
  14. Re: I need help that maybe someoene closer to the program can help me with...

    Lives in WV on the KY border. You sure his name is not Hatfield? LOL! j/k
  15. Re: ****2015 WR Daylon Charlot Commits to Bama****

    Sounds like a good pick-up. Anybody know how to pronounce his last name? Silent T? (Charlow)? Or since he's from La., I should have asked if it's pronounced Charleaux.
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