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  1. Re: Is it possible to win long term at Miami on the up and up?

    This sums up the issues for Miami pretty much perfectly.

    All of this said, I do think Miami is capable of rising to prominence again, but it would take the absolute perfect fit at head coach. And...
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    Re: Game Thread: Alabama vs BYE

    Well guys, we can't beat BYE if Kiffin keeps going away from the run game like he did just then.
  3. Re: Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gay members, leaders

    " this post-modernist view, where absolutes are seen as relics and laughed out of the room."

    - Foster the People

    A good description of the direction in which our society is headed, IMO.
  4. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

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    Re: When does life begin? (Your opinion)

    Heaven is a big place. For my part, I don't think this is as absurd of a notion as some might.
  6. Re: Question about progressive view on taxation

    If you're a left-wing populist, you've got to be able to fund a growing and ever-more-intrusive government. So you've got to tax somebody, and the rich have plenty to spare, right?
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    Re: New coach search...

    I've done a bit of research and if Steve Prohm ends up getting the job, I'm not sure it's as much of a letdown as we think. The guy has a 78% career winning percentage in four seasons, which is 12%...
  8. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    I agree...didn't mean to imply that defense was losing its importance. I just think the days of grinding out a 13-10 win over an elite opponent may be in the rear view, for the most part. I think in...
  9. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    To answer the original post - in my opinion, no. The tempo-based spread is becoming the default offense at the high school level and that tends to trickle upward from a recruiting and development...
  10. Re: Is coach Saban and Smart outsmarting themselves on defense?

    This essentially nails my thoughts on the matter, with a couple of added points: I think that at the high school level these days, the better athletes are being funneled to the offensive side of the...
  11. Re: Banks urge larger, commercial customers to take cash deposits elsewhere

    The lawmakers that are writing bank regulations these days have little concept of the economic collateral damage they cause. Banks have been required to keep reserve accounts for awhile now, and...
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    Re: Nebraska hires Mike Riley from Oregon State

    People point to Bo averaging nine wins a season at Nebraska, but that removes from the equation the fact that the Huskers lost practically every single game of any significance during his tenure....
  13. Re: iron bowl rankings stat. please tell me i'm wrong

    I think cmmiller was attempting to statistically reinforce JessN's post-Iron Bowl recap from a year ago. Not sure that I fully agree with either narrative, but I can see where he was trying to go.
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    Re: Cop in MO kills unarmed black teen

    Is racism alive and well in America? Yes, absolutely. But I think the question no one is asking is why.

    This is an unfortunate truth about human existence: people develop stereotypes, prejudices,...
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    Link: Re: Story on Andrew Zow and his time at Bama

    Zow had the misfortune of playing for two head coaches who didn't have much use for him. I read his book a few years ago, and it had some decent tales in it. He said the first time he met Franchione,...
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