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    Re: AJ May Not Make the Bengals' Roster

    Missing the opportunity to actually play in the pre-season of this his rookie year could be a career killer. By next year he will be considered damaged goods. Another crop of shiny new QB's will...
  2. Re: Positive Thoughts about our team this year!

    My most positive hopes and wishes are for the defensive backs. Bradley Selve, Eddie Jackson, Cyrus Jones and Maurice Smith. They were all either too young or had switched positions in the case of...
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    Re: Trent Richardson & Reporter Bias

    I remember when most NFL teams didn't count on a guy until he hit his 4th or 5th season. Now they expect everybody they draft to make the pro-bowl. I hope trent does play better this season but...
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    Link: Re: Vinnie Sunseri doing good with Saints.

    I felt like he left too early and might not make the team but I may have to eat my words. He's been very disruptive in the secondary and so far I haven't seen him get torched.
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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    I think UAB needs football I just don't think they need to do it on the division 1 level. As one of those millions of former high school players who loved football but were not gifted with the...
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    Re: OJ Howard wants ice cream...

    If he can do what Cochran wants him to do he can have ice cream.
  7. Re: Eight of Alabama's Nine Losses Have a Common Theme Based on Opponents

    I think we have had a problem with the HUNH teams and we are going to be force fed it until we defeat it but most of that problem in my opinion had more to do with personnel than schematic. We...
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    Re: Wednesday August 6 Practices Updates

    Saw some good video of the quarterbacks throwing. I continue to have issue with Sim's release point which is low. Unless he's dropping way back he could have a lot of batted passes which often end...
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    Re: Tuesday, August 5 Practice Updates

    We shouldn't compare CJ to DePriest. It's a little unfair to expect everyone to be that good. What we do have this year (imo) is more quality players at MLB that are ready to play. I think Foster...
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    Re: Open Practice Report from Crimson Cover

    Actually I would not be at all surprised if Sims starts against W Virginia. Staying in the starting roll will be up to him through, he's got to progress. We simply can't expect to win in...
  11. Re: Nick Marshall cited for marijuana. NOT arrested.

    I agree 100%. This sort of thing is what sunk Chizic and it will sink Gus too. You cannot set up a class system on your team and expect the team to hang togther. They don't need Marshall to win...
  12. Re: Fall Practice Begins and CNS Speaks to the Media

    By no means do we have a Spencer Pennington situation, Cooper Batemen is way better than he was, Cornwell probably is too. But what I am expecting to see is the quarterbacks struggle for the first...
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    Re: Do we have a team or just players

    Well since you asked seeing Auburn in the top 5 depresses me a great deal
  14. Re: Fall Practice Begins and CNS Speaks to the Media

    Good to see Eddie Jackson out there. Hopefully he will be well enough to play sooner rather than later.
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    Do we have a team or just players

    That is my question going into fall camp. I know we have talent, we've recruited with the best if not flat out the best. We had way more talent than Auburn last year but they are the ones who...
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