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  1. Link: Re: OM's Expected Co-Starter at RB Ruled Academically Ineligible

    "Administrative Error" probably means the AD employee responsible for monitoring his academics probably messed up and either forgot to tell anyone else in the department that he was short of hours or...
  2. Re: Maurice Smith Transferring; Alabama will not grant release to UGA

    Really? Are there that many graduated student athletes with at least a season of eligibility left out there at any one point in time? I don't know myself, just asking. I have a feeling it's not...
  3. Re: Maurice Smith Transferring; Alabama will not grant release to UGA

    My personal opinion is just that, my opinion. I realize it's not shared by everyone else. However, the facts are that Kirby made a public statement expressing his opinion that graduated players...
  4. Re: Maurice Smith Transferring; Alabama will not grant release to UGA

    Not being disagreeable just for the sake of disagreeing but Kirby was specifically talking about players that have graduated being able to transfer at will. Also, the rule blocking Maurice is an SEC...
  5. Re: College football's oldest sellout may be in peril

    Didn't UAB have a bunch of sellouts too? :biggrin: It's too bad Brunos had to go bankrupt.
  6. Re: Maurice Smith Transferring; Alabama will not grant release to UGA

    What it looks like to me is Maurice misunderstood the graduate transfer rule and once he and his mom found out they were wrong they just figured they could use the media to bully CNS into giving them...
  7. Re: New LSU policy bans opponents’ marching bands from performing at half time

    It's just a sign of the times and truly sad, but marching bands will disappear in the not to distant future. There's just too much money spent on them and too much revenue lost on the seats they sit...
  8. Re: For Florida people - an Auburn tag? Are you kidding me?

    I live in Georgia where there are affinity tags for Alabama (I've got mine), Auburn and Clemson. No big deal.
  9. Link: Re: Profile of Robert Nkemdiche During Draft Process

    I thought the comparison to Ricky Williams was spot on. I could see Nkemdeche in the Pro Bowl one year and then completely out of football the next. He's definitely not someone that's going to have a...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    You do realize that this is just satire don't you? That's what The Onion does.
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    Re: Manziel released by the Browns

    Yeah, but didn't Kevin Costner pull off a miracle draft a few years ago? Whatever happened to those guys?
  12. Link: Re: Mackensie Alexander Thinks Turning Point in Title Game was His Injury

    Translation. I'm just so good that with me in the game everyone is else is scared and can't do anything. That's why I'm so good. And besides that, I'm so good. Did I tell you just how good I am?
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    Re: How does Henry translate to the NFL?

    A little reverse racism going on here. Everyone now thinks white guys can't play running back, wide receiver, defensive back, linebacker...any position that requires extreme athleticism. I'm not a...
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    Re: The Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case

    Interesting read. I've never been a huge Peyton Manning fan but I certainly have always respected his football skills and acumen. The problem I have with stories like this is when the reporter states...
  15. Link: Re: Harbaugh Wants to Have a Week of Michigan Spring Practice in FL; SEC Says "Hold U

    I don't have a problem with this on the surface. As long as they don't exceed the allowed amount of practice time why does it matter WHERE they practice? All the schools located in Florida are going...
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