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  1. Re: Tide OL Alphonse Taylor arrested, charged with DUI

    It's always disappointing to see someone who should be in leadership face plant like this. Not exactly setting the example for the younger players.
  2. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    Perhaps the NFL players union is now demanding to represent Ole Miss players.
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    Re: Blake Barnett Gets Engaged

    I think she is a fine recruiter She, Meredith Gray McElroy and Katherine Webb McCarron should all be on a recruiting poster.
  4. Re: Adonis Thomas Transferring to JUCO College

    I don't know if Pruitt had anything to do with him leaving, every SEC program has players leave every season due to playing time and other factors, but from the past scuttlebutt it seems Pruitt...
  5. Re: DA opts not to press charges on Cam and Hootie...

    All I know is that if I had a dime for every should-have-been-suspended player that magically got reinstated for the Bama game I'd be a rich man. There isn't a team in this country, not one that...
  6. Re: 2017 OLB Markail Benton (Central Phenix City, AL) Updates

    surprising to land this kid on the heels of the big cat weekend visit. Wondering if the lustre is coming off he gus bus. Perhaps he saw too many coaches working the phone for their next job.
  7. Re: *** #2 JUCO OT Elliot Baker Commits to Alabama ***

    Anybody know anything about this guy other than he is big
  8. Re: Satelite camps are done (Not anymore - NCAA Changes Its Mind)

    Wow, now he comes out and just calls Saban a Hypocrite. I know he's all about keeping his ugly face in the news but sooner or later that sort of nastiness is going to bite you in the rear. Guy...
  9. Link: Re: Cooper Bateman to Work Around Super Bowl Winning QBs

    As talented as Hurts is I don't think he can make a play this year. In an offense like Auburn or Ole Miss where it's a one read sling it or run to daylight he could start immediately but the teams...
  10. Re: Satelite camps are done (Not anymore - NCAA Changes Its Mind)

    First off Jim better concentrate a little more on preparing his team to beat Ohio State rather than figuring out how to stimulate high school players by bringing the cheerleaders to town. (as if...
  11. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    I don't know if the NCAA is even capable of handing down punishment any more but I can't believe someone hasn't put a muzzle on Freeze's mouth. Every time someone puts a microphone to his mouth he...
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    What about the new freshmen reporting

    So this is a really dead time of year for "good" news but isn't the majority of the summer arriving freshman supposed to show up this week?

    Anyone have a head count?
    Does arrival and class...
  13. Link: Re: Alabama's Part-Time Pass Rushers are Ready for Full-Time Production

    But... but.. I thought Saban's players were all worn out by time they got to the league?
  14. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    I'm still floored that they were sitting in a public parking area at 2:30AM in a small town. There was zero chance this was not going to draw the attention of a cop. I'm don't know what I'm more...
  15. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    I think if they get a good lawyer they will both get a chance to be back on the team but I'd say their chances of playing against USC are pretty slim. Cotton or Williams will take Cams spot. Not...
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