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    Re: Favorite Underdog Win for Bama

    66 Orange Bowl win over Nebraska was a goodie. We were outweighed by 40 or 50 lbs per man. But we were quicker.

    71 over SC turned things back around.
  2. Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

  3. Link: Re: Trent Richardson Signs with Ravens (Update: Officially Has Signed)

    Me too. Sounds like he needs to get in "football" shape.
  4. Re: 247 Reporting Defensive Tackle Grad Transfer to Visit Alabama

    Can't have too much DL depth. Would be a nice pick up,
  5. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of the team smokes pot and many carry guns. Just don't understand how, after all the warnings and lectures, they think this behavior in public at 2:00am...
  6. Re: Coach Burns 'leads players to Heisman glory' article

    He seems like a good guy. We are fortunate to have him here.
  7. Link: Re: Tennessee JUCO Signee Jonathan Kongbo Says UT will Beat Everyone in 2016

    Alabama's not man enough to run the ball on UT
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    Link: Re: All-Time Top 5 Bama QB's

    I have seen them all play live except for Gilmer (who might have been the best)

    I would go:

    1. Namath (pre knees)
    2. Stabler
    3. AJ
    4. Gilmer
    5. PT
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    Re: Tulane: New HC and new outlook

    Wish we played them instead of some of the directional schools.
  10. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Don't print Shank's obit just yet. I have a gut feeling he will come back with an attitude this fall
  11. Re: How can Alabama regain the spring game record?

    Agree. Tons of food and stuff for kids to do would help.
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    Re: Official A Day Game thread

    Griffith will be fine.

    Huge drop off to 2nd string DL. Someone needs to step up.

    Harris is stronger and seems more confident.

    Hurts looked mature for his age. Bateman would be it if USC...
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    Re: Lynn swann named USC AD

    He also has a good image, which they desperately need.

    THIS One of the main reasons he was hired
  14. Link: Re: What's the end game from all the concussion debate across football?

    Or will the game ultimately die on the vine from parents not allowing their kids to play?

  15. Re: 2017 ATH Dylan Moses Updates (De-Commits from LSU, Transfers to IMG Academy)

    Wake me when it's over. He sounds easily swayed.
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