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    Link: Re: Coaches hot seat ranking - Coach Saban #14

    Shame on you for posting that. I want my click back
  2. Re: Nick Marshall cited for marijuana. NOT arrested.

    This story is screaming for a Cheech & Chong bit. Where is LSU Freak when you need him?????
  3. Link: Re: WVU will see you one DT DUI and raise you one RB murder witness intimidation...

    Clearly, his intentions were to only enlighten the witness of the standing "No Snitch" policy.
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    Re: National Champion Vanderbilt Commodores

    Awesome win and I'm very happy for you guy! Feels great, huh? :PDT_ura1:
  5. Re: Bama officially out of NCAA repeat violator window from textbook case

    That "violation" was a joke :mad2:
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    Re: 2014 Pre-Season SEC SIDs Superlatives List

    The article must have been written by Nick Marshalls auntie :biggrin:
  7. Re: If We Had Played FSU For The National Title--Would We Have Won?

    No. Not with the lack of effort and entitlement attitude that was displayed toward the end of the season
  8. Re: In the "Not So Fast My Friends" Jameis Winston Title IX Edition

    That's a sucker bet
  9. Re: Would you Follow the Tuscaloosa Tide - Minor League Football Team?

    No no no. This would be the worse thing to ever happen to college football. I hope it fails miserably...
  10. Link: Re: A Corn Dog Truck Wrecked In Louisiana This Morning..LOL

    How sad...Have family members been notified?
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    Re: Bama at Disney

    Living here in Orlando I can tell you there are LOTS and LOTS of Bama fans about. I get "ROLL TIDE" every time I go out wearing Bama gear. Riding around the area you see plenty of BAMA decals and...
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    Re: Kevin Steele is Now the Linebacker Coach

    With his pedigreed and accomplishments , I'm surprised he hasn't been offered a head coaching gig. He's due
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    Question: Re: Good COLD weather meal?

    The Taco soup posted on this form and a skillet of cornbread gets my vote :)
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    Re: Crock Pot Pork & Beans

    Holy cow! Give me a spoon, a cold beer and stand back
  15. Re: A few plays that stood out and could have been difference...

    The fake punt turned the game. Had it failed, the barn probably would have won as Mo was clearly wearing blue/orange.
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