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    Re: anything new on lane kiffins plans for 2016

    If for no other reason, I think he would love to dissect USCw in our first game.
  2. Re: The vote for Ken Stabler into the Pro Football HOF

    Congrats Snake, you deserve it, RIP.
  3. Re: Lengthy Diatribe Time: Post-NSD Wrap-Up With Closing Thoughts

    Thanks BET, I really appreciate your expertise in these recruiting classes.
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    Re: Big loss for me today...

    Sorry for your loss Jess. Maybe some day your legacy will include some of the things you learned from him, and passed on to others. RIP Stanley Allison.
  5. Re: Any high ranked player who didn't sign today?

    I read yesterday that he expects to receive his test score very soon so we should have an answer on him pretty quickly.
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    Re: Difference in Saban and Malzahn

    I also saw where he said his D line group was the best class ever. It seems to me Gus would have learned his lesson after anointing JJ with the Heisman , before the season started. Maybe he should...
  7. Re: Reggie Ragland's grandfather passed away yesterday. Prayers for his family.

    That's just terrible. Prayers out for Reggie and his family. God bless this family.
  8. Link: Re: Nick Saban Isn't Going Anywhere and Neither is Alabama

    Don't fight it, just embrace it. RTR!
  9. Re: Alabama recruiting class further cements Tide's elite status

    Alabama does!
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    Re: Mique Juarez Signs with UCLA

    He stayed close to home with a good program. I really wish we got him but I totally understand him staying in California. Good luck Mique.
  11. Re: Heartfelt thanks to runtheoption22 for his work today!

    Thanks for what you do RTO! Roll Tide!
  12. Re: Jeffery Simmons commits to MSU

    The MSU natives were pretty down on their class. This may offset the Brown to OM signing. Most of them act like Dan Mullen is a terrible recruiter.
  13. Re: If We Come Up Short At Any Position, Which One?

    I can understand Jacobs wanting early playing time, but Missouri instead of Bama? We've put all our backs in the NFL and have two Heisman winners. Missouri?
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    Re: ***OL Scott Lashley announcement thread (update: time uncertain/weather related)

    This is great news! Roll Tide and welcome to Alabama Scott!
  15. Re: QB Blake Barnett Is Recruiting For The Tide On Twitter

    Man I really like this kid. He seems to me like he can become a team leader. I'm really pulling for Blake to win the starting job. He is Lane's recruit, and I look forward to his coaching this kid....
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