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  1. Link: Roman Harper puts his Charlotte apartment on Airbhb for Superbowl week

    If any of you have $5000 per night and are in Charlotte, you can rent out Roman Harper's apartment for the week. :biggrin2:
  2. Re: Brett McMurphy Confirms Yesterday's Internet Chatter: Chip Kelly Met with Bama St

    However, that it exactly how Kiffin was brought here. He was a consultant and then he was suddenly our offensive coordinator. It may be that Saban is checking him out expecting Lane to leave.
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    News Article: Re: Peyton Manning Accused of Using PEDs

    I know. Can you say Bryant vs. Saturday Evening Post anyone?

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    Re: Best Verne and Gary meme EVER.

    Another great Steve Harvey meme that someone posted.
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    Re: Who is your Sportsman of the Year?

    For me, it is an open and shut case.
  6. Link: Re: An Open Letter to the CFP Committee from an Ohio State Fan in Need of A&D Ointmen

    Thanks for posting. I needed a good laugh today.
  7. Heisman finalists announced (HENRY WINS THE HEISMAN!)

    Just saw that the Heisman finalists will be announced on the 6pm Eastern Sportscenter tonight on ESPN2. The talking heads were pushing McCaffrey which made me sick to my stomach.

    He is a fine...
  8. Re: Can Bama jump Clemson and be No. 1 in final rankings?

    This is why I keep saying that there should be no seeds. Or at least let the committee switch the seeds for geographical regions. Both Alabama and Clemson would prefer Miami. Oklahoma, Iowa, and...
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    Re: 2015-16 Coaching Carousel

    From this article...

    Never even talked with Kelly? Wow. Pat Haden already shouldn't have a job because of the officiating scandal. But he may actually lose his job if Helton doesn't work out.
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    Re: 2015-16 Coaching Carousel

    That's a shock to me. I thought it was a good as done that Chip Kelly would go there. Maybe the the Canes can get him now. That is the biggest program that as big money to throw at a coach.

  11. Re: Florida vs Alabama any early thoughts or concerns?

    The one thing that concerns me s how well McElwain knows Saban. Just like our rivalry games, you can typically throw out the records for mentor-pupil games. But I get the feeling that it stays close...
  12. Re: Early Odds for Rivalry Week Games of Note

    I really like us this week. That spread should be 17 at least.

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    Link: Where will Chip Kelly coach next season?

    Some good old speculation.

    I think that USCw makes...
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    Re: Another snub on the way for Big 12

    After the end of the regular season, the Big 12 will most likely have two one- loss teams tied for first again and still no championship game. The only way that doesn't happen if Baylor beats TCU and...
  15. Link: Re: 'Big 10/SEC' interleague play per bret bielema

    Actually, it might be an decent idea. Do it on opening day and have it be a neutral site game. It would have to be that because if you switch opponents for the next year, it wouldn't be fair to the...
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