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  1. Re: JK Scott could end up the best punter since.......just sayin

    The best I ever saw was Brad Wing from LSU. That guy was a weapon...
  2. Re: New LSU policy bans opponentsí marching bands from performing at half time

    I hate to admit that the corndogs have a point, but:

    IIRC, that was a band equipment cart.
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    Re: Big 12 could re-seed divisions annually

    Next they'll sign an agreement with the Mountain West for promotion and relegation...
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    Poll: Re: To readmit LSU Fans to posting privileges...

    [QUOTE=gtowntide;2832468]. I will trust the admin of this board to keep things civil and let the mods do their thing. Follow the rules or your gone! RTR![/QUOTE

    What he said, with better grammar.
  5. Link: Re: Report: Full Details Of Kirby Smartís Georgia Contract Have Been Released

    Is he represented by Jimmy Sexton?
  6. Link: Re: Opposing Coach: "Alabama Can be as Good as They Were A Year Ago"

    I seem to remember some talk that Vlachos would be tough to replace, and then Jones would be tough to replace. We've got the talent, so it comes down to if CMC can get them all on the same page.
  7. Re: For Florida people - an Auburn tag? Are you kidding me?

    Several years ago I asked about Bama tags in Florida, and was told that Florida only did that with states that reciprocated. Apparently at the time the state of Alabama didn't offer Gator plates. I...
  8. Link: Re: NCAA Says Lattimore Canít Work for USCe Football

    It seems like the issue is the position being used as an "off the books" recruiting position. Sort of like what the Barn did with their "chaplain"...
  9. Re: College football coach search firms: Are they worth the money?

    Due diligence requires a lot of asking questions, and by using a 3rd party, the school retains deniability about who they're seriously considering. It's embarrassing for a school to meet with someone...
  10. Re: Where would you rank the onside kick among the best plays in Alabama history?

    I wouldn't even rank it with the best plays. As good as it was, and as important as it was, it wasn't a test of will or skills. It was just taking what was offered, like picking up a twenty off the...
  11. Poll: Re: Which win of the last two trips to Athens was the better?

    I vote for the blackout. The UGA fans actually expected to win that one; by 2015 they were "cautiously optimistic". 2008 crushed the confidence of their fanbase, and they've never really recovered.
  12. Re: Inside The Play: How Does Ronnie Harrison Break Up A Perfect Pass?

    Guilty, but no conviction.
  13. Re: Bob Davie has led N Mexico out of the college football wasteland. Now what?

    Another way to look at it is that Davie signed 4 of the top 6 recruits out of NM. Of course, they were 2 and 3 star recruits. I wonder how good we would be if all the state of Alabama produced was 2...
  14. Re: Jake Coker Says He Played All of 2015 Season With a Broken Toe

    I like the fact that they had to pry the info out of him.
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    Re: Dak Prescott Arrested For DUI In StarkVegas

    Two tests, and neither of them show he's drunk? I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on...
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