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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    I'd like to say this is unbelievable, but at this point, I think he could have knocked the official out cold and gotten away with it. More of the we can't beat them straight up, so let's snap it...
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    Re: GT-FSU in the ACCCG

    Then if you have a $10 bet on some weird parlay on all this, you'd likely be able to buy your own island in the Caribbean....
  3. Re: CECIL HURT: No Reason to Continue Doubting Blake Sims

    Being slammed by Cecil is probably the high point of his year. If he comes on anything I'm watching or listening to, I change channels -- can't risk losing the IQ points.
  4. Thread: UNC vs Duke

    by uaintn

    Re: UNC vs Duke

    Hasn't WV's #1 QB been out most of the game?
  5. Link: Re: Mississippi State Eyes Playoff and Another Shot at Alabama

    Wait till all the ESPN talking heads start talking about their silly OOC schedule and the fact they had KY and VU from the East.
    Anyway, I think they'd better worry about beating Mississippi...
  6. Re: ESPN is going hard for the Buckeyes to be included in the playoff

    All about the $$$. The Committee is going to spread it around as much as they can possibly justify. Despite that ugly loss to Va Tech, I think if Mississippi State, Ohio State, and Alabama win out,...
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    Re: Pick the score: Western Carolina vs. Alabama

    Hard to predict because CNS will go to some lengths not to run up a score and embarrass another team, Committee or No Committee (looking at you, TCU). Even so, Western will have trouble keeping us...
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    Re: BCS Top 20 - after Week 12

    The Committee is going to start to feel pressure on this if they keep putting TCU (or someone) 3 or 4 slots higher than the old BCS would have done....
  9. Re: Western Carolina Media Appearances and Practice Reports

    Tenpenny is frittering away a fantastic opportunity. I'd bet Yeldon sits on Saturday, just as a precaution. Maybe one series. Henry gets first half carries and then.... Jones worked his way into...
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    Re: Need info on Handicapped seating in BDS

    The disability seating at BDS is quite good. Have been there before. Have benches and bleachers for family members, etc. though as noted above there are limits. Where we sat was out of the...
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    Re: So Blake Sims came to my church today

    Said it in other threads, hope the guy is a permanent captain and I get to be there to cheer when he puts his hand in cement at the Chimes.
  12. Re: What UGA did against the Barn VS what we can do

    Will help if we can get some key players more healthy than they are now. The barners helped out with some drops and penalties last night. We probably can't count on that, but it will be interesting...
  13. Thread: arky v lsu

    by uaintn

    Re: arky v lsu

    Arky played hard. I think we did help their cause.
  14. Thread: FSU-Miami Game

    by uaintn

    Re: FSU-Miami Game

    FSU would struggle to be 4th in the SEC West.
  15. Link: Re: Navy Seal Who Inspired "Lone Survivor" to Meet with the Team Today

    Yeah, read the book. Hemingway said that the way to have a movie made out of your book was to go to the Nevada state line, throw your book over, have them throw the money back to you, and never look...
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