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  1. Re: The irony of improving our stats against Fournette

    Bama is #2 in rushing defense, #3 in total defense, and #7 in scoring defense
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    Re: Freshman Receivers coming along

    And with all those recruiting stars and talent, Stewart, a converted QB projected by many as a DB is making more waves than even Foster.
  3. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #3 - OT, Cameron Robinson****

    Like A'Shawn Robinson, a superior jumbo athlete in a sport dominated by jumbo athletes (though magazine covers disagree). Cyrus had great measurables, but this guy is a year or more ahead and more...
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    Re: Judge rules against NCAA

    The decision forbids individuals to be paid differently. The whole team has to get a fixed % based on those otherwise eligible. It will make being in the 85 bigger though. Only the 85 in football can...
  5. Re: SEC Releases Rotating Opponents for 2014-2025 Seasons

    Everyone but LSU understands that the SEC bigs play each other. It use to be the Big 6 - LSU, UF, UGA, AU, Bama, TN. In 92 they ensured that these elite teams would matchup permanently, while the...
  6. Link: Re: A Self-Proclaimed Changedí Man, Michael Dyer Hoping For One Last FBS Shot

    Lucky for him, there is still room lower on the totem pole. He hasn't even touched FCS yet.

    Troy would be close to home for him though and they love them some castoffs. He should just go to the...
  7. Link: Re: Two Texas A&M Players Arrested for Assault

    1 game suspension. My bold prediction.
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    Re: *** QB David Cornwell Commits to Alabama ***

    Cornwell looked good in the 7 on 7. Interesting to note that the 5'11 QB looked better. At 6'5 240, I'll take Cornwell when the pads are on and they are behind 6'3 lineman.

    If NFL teams were...
  9. Re: Johnny Manziel Re-Creates TD Pass Against Alabama

    Good for him. It was a good game, a great play, he's never been sportsmanlike about it, and I am happy to see guys who eat in a cafeteria and live in a 500sqft space get to enjoy their fame. Same...
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    Link: Re: McCarron To Drive Pace Car At Aaron's 499

    I can't say I know for fact, but I would bet my soul that Aaron's is a sponsor of the NCAA, NCAA football, and SEC football. In an interesting twist to the NCAA's amateurism rules, promoting one of...
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    Re: Auburn Discipline at its finest (link)

    What is the new definition of "defenseless"?
  12. Re: ***2013 Crown Jewel Countdown: #18 ATH Eddie Jackson***

  13. Re: ***2013 Crown Jewel Countdown: #8 RB Alvin Kamara***

    Reggie Bush lite.

    Line him up at TB or WR on any given play. Best receiving pure tailback I have seen in HS I'm a long while.

    Bush was 6'0, 195 at USC starting out. Kamara is 5'10 , 197...
  14. Re: ***2013 Crown Jewel Countdown: #8 RB Altee Tenpenny***

    Tenpenny is actually a lot like Yeldon. The only real difference is that TJ will drag guys at the end like Trent used to do, Altee is looking more for the home run. He will compliment Henry nicely...
  15. Question: Re: If you could have one recruit in this class reach his full potential who would it

    Rueben. All the physical tools to be Butkus and Bednarick/Nagurski award winner.

    No one else from this class really has that kind of ceiling.
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