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  1. News Article: Re: So ISIS Wants to Find out how we Roll...Attacks Anti-Islam Event in Texas

    Been busy, with work, in the evenings. Anyone interested in hearing about being interrogated by the FBI?

    BTW, Mrs. Cuda has informed me that I can not attend the Biker Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit and...
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    Re: Santorum Enters the Race!!

    None of this matters, except for political theater of the absurd.

    Buffalo Bob (that fat little fascist, Karl Rove) will manage to get his dummy, Howdy Doody (aka Jeb Bush) the nomination. You...
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    Link: Re: The History of Arlington...

    The history of Arlington Cemetery was taught to us, in Military History class, back when I was in ROTC.

    Along with a number of........uh, finer points about the Civil War. Such as the West Point...
  4. Re: Jeb Bush: Constitution doesn't grant a"right" to gay marriage

    OK, my turn to see how many people I can offend.

    1.) Why is it, that the fascist left manages to take, out of context, the slightest phrase, that appears in any of the Amendments to the...
  5. Game Thread Re: WCWS Game 3: Alabama @ Michigan (Double Elimination) OKC

    Looking at the good side..................I won't have to listen to that announcing trio tomorrow. May need more than one day for my nerves to heal, though.
  6. Re: New Alabama secondary coach Mel Tucker knows the expectations in Tuscaloosa


    Could it be he will make a great position coach, but did not have head coach abilities? (Don't ask me, because I have no idea.)
  7. Re: With a little time to reflect, what are your feelings about A.J. McCarron?

    I believe my first comment on AJ was about his tattoo.

    Yes, he accomplished a great deal, on the field, for us. Sure we are all eternally grateful for that.

    The tattoo comment (whatever it was)...
  8. Re: Diary of a Draftee's Mom: April Justin on Her Baby, Landon Collins

    Momma Knows Best "summit"?

    What is she going to "teach"?

    Other than "Show me the money!" One only wonders.
  9. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

    Just what I thought...............API behind all of this!
  10. Link: Re: Ranking the 230 Division 1 Athletic Programs Based on 2013-2014 Revenue

    (Like UAB, maybe?)

    Hint: 64.49%
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    Re: 2015 NCAA Softball Championship

    Yeah, forgot how they flip brackets, for the losers. Senior citizen moment.
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    Re: 2015 NCAA Softball Championship

    Five SEC teams, one B1G, the other 2 from the PAC-whatever. In any case, one SEC team will be in the final.
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    Re: 2015 NCAA Softball Championship

    You did good, yesterday.

    Can we talk you into heading out to OKC?
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    OK, maybe it is debatable if you are talking about watching our baseball team.
  15. Link: Re: Very interesting Foxsports take on the Longhorn Network...

    The LHN is such a smashing success that I notice in the U-verse program guide that they are showing...................

    The commencement ceremony. That will bring in recruits by the droves, I'm...
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