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  1. Link: Re: California Kids Football: New Rules Limit Practices Amid Concussion Fears Read L

    I never played organized football, so I can't really comment on playing or practicing and the threat on injuries. My son played some, but never really got into it. I was never going to tell him not...
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    Re: Beggars on the corner

    I saw the guy on more than one occasion and I'm pretty sure he was really deaf and mute. A guy I knew at the time who had owned a restaurant in the area said he used to come in his place until he...
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    Re: Would appreciate some prayers

    Prayer sent. I don't know what is troubling you, but things will get better.
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    Re: Beggars on the corner

    I used to live off Green Springs Highway in Homewood and used to eat at the Subway there a lot. There was this deaf guy who'd come in and would walk up to the table you were eating at and would put a...
  5. Link: Re: Search warrant for millionaire's home reveals disturbing details into investigati

    The stuff in the main article was bad enough, I can't imagine what was in the one you had to click on.
  6. Re: Ian Fitzsimmons (ESPN-Dallas) and Co. Had Interesting BCS Conversation Today

    June Jones spring football idea sounds great until you realize they will all lose those million dollar butt kickings from the big boys.

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  7. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Does any of the money paid to Saban actually come from public funds?

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    Re: James Garner passes away at 86

    Anybody left who starred in a 1970s private eye show?

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  9. Re: A "What If" Thread: What if CNS had stayed at LSU? Where would Bama be now?

    Where would Toledo be if he had stayed there?

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  10. Re: Former Penn St QB/Backup QB LSU Bolden transfers

    Eastern Michigan is the worst program in FBS. They average under 5,000 fans a game. To go from two of the top programs in the country to a crappy place that makes UAB look good is a huge downfall.
  11. Grades at Univ. Wisconsin (Madison) to be based on race/ethnicity

    There is a process where you can officially join a tribe if you have a certain amount of Native American blood. Google "Becoming a Native American" and see what comes up.

    I had an uncle, now...
  12. Re: Michelle O declares war on Chick-Fil-A - school lunches that is

    An easy way to steer food stamp holders towards healthy food is to ban such things as soda, potato chips, cookies, candy, etc. from what you can buy with them.
  13. Re: Dad beats man who was molesting his son

    I read the Wikipedia article about the man in the video I posted. It said he is known for the murder of the scumbag and a headline in a later section referred to him murdering the lowlife. I changed...
  14. Re: Dad beats man who was molesting his son
  15. Re: Iowa student accused of being racist for wearing all white

    What was the W symbol he flashed all about?

    I once saw a black guy wearing a shirt that said "Black by popular demand".

    I get it was a play on words but wondered who demanded that he be black?...
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