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  1. Link: Re: Funny Brady Hoke GEICO Commercial !

    Really funny. The dad in the ad favored Kiffin.
  2. FSU feels at home anywhere, Publix g

    What is important for those of us in Kentucky to remember is the background of our visitors.
    "Tallahassee," for instance, is an old Muskogean Indian word often translated as, "free crab legs."

  3. Re: CFN Barn vs Black Bears or is it the Rebels (Ole Miss)

    I am so confused. Is it Rebels, Black Bears or Land Sharks? If they won't let them be Rebels then I had rather be Land Sharks.
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    Re: Fisher is to blame at FSU

    Yeah, I know he stole some crab legs, but as soon as I saw the BYOC I thought cook or criminal.
  5. Re: CFN Barn vs Black Bears or is it the Rebels (Ole Miss)

    I agree with sip. I think Ole Miss is vastly over-rated and got lucky with all our fumbles and miscues. I think they will lose to Auburn and State.
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    Re: Fisher is to blame at FSU

    duh Bring Your Own Criminal day?
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    Re: The Future of College Football

    I am certain conference expansion/implosion will blossom once more. I would like to see the selection committee go away, but I dout it will. One thing is for certain, change will come. Will ND be...
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    Fisher is to blame at FSU

    Programs that operate with class, dignity and high character, as Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher defiantly says his does, do not repeatedly generate headlines better suited for a crime blotter than a...
  9. Re: Dan Wetzel Makes The Best Point Possible About Alleged SEC Bias...

    I agree and would like to point out that ESPN has a nationwide audience. If they were biased it would be to the nationwide markets -- California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York (Jersey), Florida and...
  10. Re: The Notre Dame (not a pay site) message board is great right now

    The only thing Notre Dame has going for it (other than tradition) is they NEVER play 1AA teams. However, now that they are playing five ACC games each year I expect their SOS will decline.
  11. Re: So after week 9...who's your final four

    I am going with the AP top four -- although I think Miss St will drop out before the season is over.
  12. Re: Early Lines for This Week's Games of Interest

    When I first saw the 24.5 I laughed and thought that must be 2.5 or something like that. But it has been up all evening without change. I don't get it.
  13. Re: Sagarin poll has the SEC in top five spots.

    On the Baylor board stupid "SEC bias" is a hot topic. You see, their beloved Bears would be in the top 4 if it were not for ESPN stacking the deck. I told one person that the ESPN people are the...
  14. Re: Teams with 50+ point losses this year

    Interesting. I guess we are the only Power 5 team to beat another Power 5 team by 50+.
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    Re: Upset Specials: week 9

    Ole Miss stats are not that impressive -- compared to other top ten teams. Ole Miss got lucky (fumbles, fumbles, fumbles) and that is the reason they are so highly rated. I won't predict an LSU...
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