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  1. News Article: Re: FSU wideout Jesus Wilson arrested for grand theft auto

    "Assault & attempted rape" followed by shoplifting = no punishment (by the football team). This also will disappear.
  2. Don't forget the OU defensive star who beat...

    Don't forget the OU defensive star who beat another student so badly he was in a coma! No charges brought. Of course "Teflon Bob" kicked him off the team. Then the school got him admitted to rehab...
  3. Re: Dorial Green Beckham arrested for drugs

    At any other school I would agree, but this is Bob Stoops. He had a starting quarterback and and a second stringer get caught red-handed being paid for jobs they never showed up for, oh yes, they...
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    Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    Around here, in Oklahoma, it is obvious that recruiting has fallen off at OU. It bothered people a lot to lose an Oklahoma quarterback (from Norman) to Alabama. This along w/ new building plans it...
  5. 2009 Championship Game.. ON LONGHORN NETWORK RIGHT NOW

    7:30 central
  6. Poll: Re: Which victory over Florida was the best

    Two words: "Tebow wept".
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    Re: auburn mascot dies

    Sorry to hear.

    Does anyone know where Updyke is? Sorry.:redface:[/QUOTE]

    I would be willing to bet that someone at the barn is blaming Bama for this. Not, unfortunately, a joke.
  8. Re: Joker Phillips Resigns as Florida WR Coach

    The most important part of the statement: because of Phillips' possible NCAA recruiting violations source told @espn
  9. Re: Bama officially out of NCAA repeat violator window from textbook case

    Without checking, my guess is you could go to any Barn forum right now and find at least 6 discussions (just on the first page) about this right now...
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    And Switzer/OU went on probation for each of his...

    And Switzer/OU went on probation for each of his NC. After that, he was "untouchable" for any colleg.
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    Full BDS?

    How important, for recruiting, perception, etc., is it for Alabama to have a big turnout or even fill BDS? I heard Alabama mentioned on ESPN along w/ OU and some others as having trouble with...
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    Question: Re: What's Your Favorite Bama Logo

    I do love the current script A, but I still own a lot of items with the elephant through the A. That old logo is hard to beat, however the script A is pure class.
  13. Re: I found this hidden away in my Grandfather's home.

    I have a 6 pack, bought at the Liberty Bowl.
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    Re: New Bama Hats Thread - Seriously. It's Offseason, and I Need This Hat For St. Pat

    I still have one of the flat topped hats from the late 70's (remember the "we are family" Pittsburg Pirates). What I want is for someone to make a Civil War kepi in crimson w/the Alabama "A" on top.
  15. Re: SPECIAL TEAMS and WR GREENE won the BCS Championship, otherwise Auburn BLOW-OUT

    Auburn lost...enough said.
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