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    Re: Linebacker U

    Can I take Derrick Thomas and 3 Derrick Thomas clones? ;)

    I'd probably have my 4 at:

    Really, pair any 3 with DT and I'll take it.
  2. Re: Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    Cecil Hurt would be glad to know that Butcher, despite not being from the state of Tennessee, understands the intensity involved in the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry.
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    Re: Alabama Leans on Out of State Players

    He suggests that we don't sign enough in-state players. I proved that Bama signs all the top talent in the state. He is a very good writer but a very poor researcher.
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    Re: Alabama Leans on Out of State Players

    In terms of best of the best (4-5*), in-state usually lands at Alabama or Auburn. With the exception of Jameis Winston, every 5* player has stayed in-state during this time frame. In the 3-4*...
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    Re: Alabama Leans on Out of State Players

    This article piqued my interest, so I did a little digging. In a looking at in-state recruiting since Saban arrived (I excluded the 2007 class, since it was "inherited"), here's a few interesting...
  6. Re: This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps

    To paraphrase Dave Ramsey:

    The paid for Mercedes is not the problem. The problem is the loss of income. More effort should be spent on using the paid for car to generate income than selling the...
  7. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    I still don't think its that close. Arenas, IMO, was a much more dangerous return man than Palmer. The likelihood that Javy would take it the house or completely flip the field was much greater...
  8. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    No question - Arenas.
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    Re: OK, looking for a CWW...

    I second the Shield 9mm. That's what I carry and I've been very pleased with it.
  10. Re: If You Were An NFL Owner--Which Current SEC Head Coach Would You Hire To Be Yours

    Les gets my vote.
  11. Poll: Re: Dead Pool: 2014 SEC Head Football Coaches

    Picked Mullen over Muschamp, simply because he's been around longer and hasn't been able to live up the 9 win season a few years ago. Unless they win 9 or more, I think he's out.
  12. Poll: Re: Which victory over Florida was the best

    Tie. 1999 in the Swamp because it snapped their home win streak. Tied with the 1999 SECG because 1) no one thought we could beat Florida twice in the same year (it was unthinkable at the time) 2) I...
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    Re: Ann Coulter's thoughts about soccer

    I have to assume that this article is either satire or specifically designed for trolling the internet. No way can she be serious about this.
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    Re: Watching The Oklahoma Replay

    I've been watching the 2014 BCS replays they've had on ESPNU the last few days. I've watched them all.

    Until I flipped through the guide tonight and saw the the Sugar Bowl was on.

    Just can't...
  15. Re: Gun right advocacy group planning to march through 5th Ward in Houston

    Stunts like this do more to damage the public image of firearm owners than it does to help advance the cause.

    I'm an advocate of second amendment rights, but openly carrying any weapon tends to...
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