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  1. Re: CDC doled out $25M in bonuses while blaming cuts for Ebola outbreak

    Not quite, I don't know exactly how their bonuses are doled out at CDC, but, if it's anything like NIH, then those bonuses are about the only thing keeping their more capable biosciences researchers...
  2. Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    I appreciate that you've learned to express your rage via clips from great movies.

    However, nobody answered my question about the outrage du jour. Is it really this slow before the War on...
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    Re: Alabama in China

    There is/was a bar called Nashville there just a few blocks from the old soccer stadium that has an Alabama Crimson Tide pennant posted behind the bar. They have a bunch of TVs and really good...
  4. Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    Wow, soooo much rage, anger, and/or having panties in a wad going on here. Get over it guys.

    Have Boehner, Palin, or any other of the other Koch Bros. lackeys really not given you new marching...
  5. Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    I could really care less if he has his hands full or it would otherwise be a total inconvenience. In my time in the service, I would guess, conservatively, there were a hundred or more times when a...
  6. Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    You guys are always good for a laugh.

    I thought by now you would've moved on from this to another of the conservative punditry's outrage of the day - have there really been no new developments in...
  7. Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    Not quite. If we had the kind of media presence we have now with some previous presidents, I bet we would have some pretty interesting salutes caught on camera. When you do something all the time...
  8. Re: Coffee Cup Salute by the Commander-in-Chief?

    You guys crack me up. I would be shocked if every president we've ever had hasn't had some instance of a bumbled salute. Most recently, Dubya had the dog salute:...
  9. Re: TSA Pre-Check Status - Anyone Have It?

    $85 if you want it essentially all the time. I've found it's worth it:

    If you fly a lot internationally, look into Global Entry, NEXUS, and...
  10. Re: New Time Magazine Cover - Is Football Worth It?

    Because I guess it needs to be pointed out: dying from an underlying heart condition is different than dying from a direct result of the sport itself, such as head trauma.
  11. Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    I also couldn't help but notice that he just had to wear a big gold chain outside of his shirt to do the press conference while expressing how humble and selfless he truly is. Again, I agree with...
  12. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    I think sociopath is fairly accurate.
  13. Re: My son got his first rec(recruiting) letter today...

    Well, we all know that, if he plays his cards right, there will be a Corvette offered.
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    Re: The Ray Rice video

    It's kind of said that this article is a more accurate translation of NFL policy than a parody.
  15. News Article: Re: ESPN: What’s wrong with Alabama’s pass D?

    I thought it was more an issue of guys leaving their feet to make a tackle instead of bringing their feet with them as they are instructed. This is a fundamental of tackling and IMHO tough to correct...
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