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    Re: Three question for Saban at Media Days

    I believe there was a rule change implemented this summer so that coaches can have a limited amount of contact with the athletes during summer workouts. I want to say it's something like 8 hours per...
  2. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    Gotta be Javy, and it's really not even close. 9 yards short of the all time NCAA record for punt return yards in a career (1752 yds, vs. 1761 by Wes Welker), and that was after basically every team...
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    Link: Re: Prothro Getting Help with Student Loans

    You're right - 2 good catches and one fumbled punt pretty much sums up his career.

    Good grief...
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    Re: No more "kinder and gentler"?

    Did he actually admit to accepting money? I know he admitted to soliciting money from MSU, which by the SEC bylaws immediately made him ineligible at MSU and should have made him ineligible at ALL...
  5. Re: ESPN's John Clayton Praises Norwood At Seattle's Rookie Camp

    More positive press for Kevin today:

    Bleacher Report - 8 biggest surprises from nfl rookie camps
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    Re: Bottom 30 pre-season poll

    Surprised to see Georgia Southern on that list. They weren't too bad last year (they beat Florida!), and they were really pretty good the couple of years prior to that. Did they lose their coach or...
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    Link: Re: welcome to Atlanta Javier Arenas

    Unfortunately, it looks like Javy will not be returning kicks for the Falcons, although he will probably vie for time as the nickel back.

  8. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    I was wondering if that's Scott Cochran in the background. I saw on a video where he is notorious for that "drill".
  9. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    I really hope so, but what do you make of this picture on BOL's website from Saturday's practice?
  10. Link: Re: Good ESPN article about Kiffin's impact on 2014 Offense

    I agree. I don't believe Coach Saban is talking about running hurry up the entire game. But, there is definitely an advantage to "going tempo" after a first down. Your guys are clicking and ready...
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    Re: Changing the Extra Point

    I remember that game vividly - awesome game and a great ending for Bama.

    I'm sure you also remember the twist of fate that caused us to lose to Michigan in the Orange Bowl that season. Crushing!
  12. Re: Rules Committee recommends 10 second substitution window

    I wonder how the pace of the HUNH affects teams during practice. If the teams that run the HUNH are practicing at that pace all week, are their athletes on the defensive side of the ball just that...
  13. Re: Rules Ctne recommends 10 second substitution window

    I found this part a little confusing:

    When is the play clock set to 25 seconds instead of 40? Isn't it after a 1st down (since the clock stops to reset the chains)? That is really the time...
  14. Re: *** 2014 WR / RB Bo Scarbrough commits to Alabama ***

    When will we know for sure?
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos vs. Seahawks

    As a life long Broncos fan, here's the way I see it.

    Paying a QB 20 million a year takes a huge chunk of your salary cap, and managing an NFL roster is all about the cap. Russel Wilson makes in...
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