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  1. Link: Re: Pro Football Focus' 10 Most Unstoppable Forces

    Sucked for them. :biggrin2:
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    Link: Re: Casagrande story on Bama Summer workouts

    Good stuff, ALA.
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    Link: Re: 7 Most Hated CFB Teams

    Good. Let them hate. Their tears are delicious.
  4. Re: Rolando suspended 10 Games for Substance Abuse

    Any link to the evidence? or its "suggestions"? I seriously would like to read it.
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    Re: Alabama-Tennessee SECCG long overdue.

    If Vols make it this season, it will be because of complete lack of competitiveness from the rest of the SEC East. I still the best UT can do is only 2-3 losses. I believe CKS will have the Dawgs...
  6. Re: Welcome to LSU fans (with some cautions)...

    Personally, I think this approach is as perfect as you can do here. I'm hopeful for the best.
  7. Link: Re: USC's Jackson Wants to Shadow Alabama's Ridley in Opener

    Heh heh I would love to see that but I'll take half a hundred if that's all we can hang on em.
  8. Re: Rolando suspended 10 Games for Substance Abuse

    Yeah but pot probably helps him emotionally. I have no idea why this country won't join the 21st century. Oh wait... it's about money. Never mind. Since it's a plant, they can't think of a way to tax...
  9. Re: USC HC: The most impressive thing about Alabama

    "... how they're coached ..."

    CNS is a great recruiter but so are a lot of other people in the game. Ever notice we're not the only program that gets the talent? Talent is everywhere. Some of it...
  10. Link: Re: Alabama can literally field a 5* defense if they want...

    Maybe you missed the 2011 season? ;-) Also, for the adjustments we made to handle faster football, I thought that while the numbers weren't quite there last season, it was almost as good as the 2011...
  11. Re: Chad Kelly: "I'm the best QB in the Nation."

    "In order to have confidence in yourself and team, you have to think you're the best."

    If you *don't* have confidence, yes, you're right.
  12. Re: LSU's Groza watchlist PK is transferring

    That *is* an unusual set of circumstances but after reading all that, I wonder... *should* Domingue be on the Lou Groza watchlist? I don't see anything that sets him apart but I could be wrong....
  13. Re: Odd Player Selection for SEC on CBS Poster at SEC Media Days

    I saw the subject line for this thread and thought how odd could it be? Opened it up and yep. Odd. And even odder considering that he really could be the starter this year. Personally, I like that...
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    Re: Bama Winning vs Hillary Winning

    Both sides' people chose what they wanted. So, no complaining.
  15. Re: JK Scott could end up the best punter since.......just sayin

    While I believe his punt did hit the camera wire AND a lot of these Australian Rules Football punters have been underwhelming, Brad Wing was pretty dang good. When they didn't play us, I loved...
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