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    Re: Best Running Back College Tandem Ever?

    Andrews, Cribbs and Brooks at Auburn was another great set of backs in the backfield.
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    Re: Allen HS QB picks aTm, just like his father

    Having watched him in high school, yes...he is a Manziel clone. Great talent and very elusive.
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    Re: RB Roc Thomas Commits to Auburn

    He grew up an alabama fan but going after him last minute will pose quite a challenge if we want him. It was my understanding Mixon wanted to come to Bama as well. Seems we went all out for LF. ...
  4. Link: Re: CBS, Tim Brando Parting Ways After 18 Years Together

    ​breaks my heart
  5. Re: Do You Feel the Selection Committee Will "Get it Right" or do you have concerns?

    Call me a cynic. If we kept the BCS and then took the top 4, that would be awesome. But a committee will take into consideration whether or not a team won the conference championship which will...
  6. Re: *** 2015 QB Ricky Town Commits to Alabama ***

    Have to wonder if that had less to do with CLK and more to do with Coker being strongly rumored to head our way. We will see how it all shakes out.
  7. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    I am good with it. Great recruiter too.
  8. Question: Re: What did you take away from last night's Fla St victory?

    Better have great athletes who are fast and have great discipline. Mind the little things like staying in your lane on kickoff returns. Stay focused and being able to react fast is a must. The...
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    Re: Would you hedge your vet? barner loses 50K

    It depends on how much money you have in your checking account. I know of someone who has $100M in a checking account earning 55 basis points so $50k is not much so why not have fun with house money...
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    Re: RB Leonard Fournette Updates (Page 14)

    Mixon's ship has sailed though he was very interested in us. We pretty much sold out on trying to get fournette.
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    Re: *** 2014 4* LB Zach Whitley decommis, commits to UCLA

    I had the same thought. He may have been on the fence with his friend going to UCLA and our poor performance may have taken some of the shine off the program and was a tipping point.
  12. Link: Re: Stoops uses victory to make his point. (ESPN)

    Fair enough. You listen to ESPN enough and you start drinking your own kool aid while others work hard to catch you. This year will be good for us. Coach can say the same things but there is...
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    Re: *** 2014 4* LB Zach Whitley Commits to Alabama ***

    Seems he has flipped to UCLA
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    Re: A Few Recruiting Tidbits

    Are we in play for any in the game this weekend? The game...
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    Re: RB Leonard Fournette Updates (Page 14)

    The purple eye shadow mom was wearing told me who he was going to pick
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