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    Re: Pick the score: FL Atlantic vs. Alabama

    42-10. Not disrespectfully to our opponents, but if we don't put close to half a hundred on this team with their personnel losses and being beaten up on by the Huskers, well, I'm just not going to...
  2. Re: Bret Bielema says Assistances were stuck in elevator at halftime

    BB ran his mouth a lot about what his team was going to do to the Barners. They couldn't handle the second team qb. I haven't looked at the Hog's schedule, but unless they get KY or VU, they may...
  3. Re: What does it mean when people say "we must learn to "STOP" the HUNH offenses"?

    And people are becoming more sophisticated about it. Not every team going hurry up is running the same offensive scheme. Turnovers are key, but always have been. One sign we are doing better is...
  4. Re: What does it mean when people say "we must learn to "STOP" the HUNH offenses"?

    I like it when our D squeezes the life out of teams, like in 1992, etc. but right now the game is different. You don't get any extra credit for good statistics, time of possession, TO margin.... ...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. WVU - Postgame Thread****

    I thought there were more positives than negatives. I thought QB was just fine. Kicking was way beyond my expectations. Our running backs are very very good, and we didn't even see much of Drake. ...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. WVU****

    Got to adjust to runs to the right side of our D.
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    Question: If we have the choice, kick or receive?

    I'd take the ball, try to run the ball, run the clock, and give the D a cushion. You?
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    Game Thread Re: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    Good morning and Roll Tide from behind enemy lines in Tennessee.
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    Re: Trey DePriest Out for WVU

  10. News Article: Re: Slow down! Refs want to hit pause on up-tempo play

    If they would just follow the NFL model, I don't think anyone would be complaining. Those guys never run around like chickens with their heads cut off to appease an offense. They stand over the...
  11. News Article: Re: Slow down! Refs want to hit pause on up-tempo play

    Yep. I cannot believe the way officials have let players, of all people, push them to a faster pace. There have been a couple of cases where I thought "this is it, he's going to put the ball under...
  12. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    I'm lousy at predicting scores, but 35 -13 sounds about right to me. I'm no expert at all, but it just doesn't sound like a 3-3-5 D is a very good match up against a team with a heavier offensive...
  13. Re: Will Kiffin Coach From The Sideline Or The Press Box?

    I haven't heard, actually, but I would guess upstairs. Except for Tennessee when he should probably coach from about Fort Payne.
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    Re: You guys mind if I hang out here a while?

    Zow, we have to have Zow. Just kidding. Welcome aboard. I personally have decided to relieve myself of the burden of deciding who should start at quarterback and leave that in the hands of the guy...
  15. Re: West Virginia Game Week Press Conferences and Practice Updates

    I don't read anything extra into the Coach's statement about the QBs. It might stand to reason that Sims has gotten more confidence and improved with Coach LK working with him, not to mention...
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