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  1. Re: With a little time to reflect, what are your feelings about A.J. McCarron?

    I like AJ. He wasnt perfect, but no one would be. I dont think we would have won 2 championships with many others at the helm.

    I think He's cocky and a bit immature, but who can blame him? He's a...
  2. Re: Notre Dame's Everett Golson considering transfer to LSU or Bama

    Good luck to him. Who knows if he passed on us, or if we passed on him. Either way, I'm thankful for the result. Imo, Golson is not a good qb.
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    Re: Yeldon to the Jags

    Denard is more of a situational back, or a complementary player. He's not built to be an every down back, and he doesn't have that pedigree. he and TJ yeldon should be a nice 1-2 punch, but I don't...
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    Re: Yeldon to the Jags

    This couldn't have worked out much better for TJ for many of the reasons already stated. Jacksonville is one of the few spots in the NFL where he can step right in and have a significant role from...
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    Re: Amari Goes 4th!

    As much as I hate to see Coop with the raiders, there are worse places he could have gone. I would rather see him on a team with a solid, up and coming quarterback than a bottomless pit like the Jets...
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    Re: Nudie To Titans in 4th Round

    Fowler was one of my favorite players under Saban. He had the talent to be a primary back at a lot of places. I stead, he embraced the opportunity to take a lesser role in an opportunity to be a team...
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    Re: Xzavier Dickson to the Patriots

    Good fit for him. I doubt he'll be a major contributor anytime soon. However, I could see him becoming a good package role player in Belicheck's system. Best of luck to Dickson
  8. Re: Arie Kouandjio goes to the Redskins in the 4th

    Good for Arie. I think he could be a solid long time player in the league if given the opportunity to develop, and if he can stay healthy.
  9. Re: Texas & Baylor Assistants have Twitter girl fight over Bryce Petty

    Considering how poorly Texas quarterbacks have done in the pros, that coach might want to think twice about running his mouth. They haven't had a qb since McCoy who has even sniffed the pros, and...
  10. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    I don't buy it. There's always that one guy who claims to have witnessed it, but has no proof. I'm going to say something I don't normally say about another dude, but pics or it didn't happen. (Blue...
  11. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    Are we sure he actually exists? Maybe he's like Nessy, or the abominable snowman. Maybe he's all in our minds
  12. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    We've already signed Duran Carter, we'll never need another receiver again!! (Blue font)
  13. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    It wasn't a popular choice here in Indy either. The GM, Ryan Grigson, has repeatedly said that they always want to draft the best player available no matter what position they play. This one has left...
  14. Link: Re: Will Alabama Match Past Success in Tonight's NFL Draft? Check Out the Numbers

    This year will probably be very different from years past. Since Saban took the reigns there has been a lot of elite talent coming out, but not a lot of value mid round players. It seems like every...
  15. Re: Basketball - Men's Basketball Adds Transfer Nick King

    Gerald Wallace was back in 98 or 99. I think we had a couple of others under Gottfried, but it's been a while.
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