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  1. Re: Five SEC Players Took Impermissible Benefits

    My lord, this is bad. You can't hardly deny the paper trail on this one. I just hope the NCAA doesn't use us as an example, but this will not end well for us.

    We could possibly lose 2 National...
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    Re: What will be Bamas' first play on offense?

    I will go all in, I say the first 3 plays are pass.
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    Re: Alabama releases 2013 two-deep depth chart

    This is one very crazy awesome depth chart! I am very surprised by Drakes meteoric fall I really though he could be a feature back.

    The one position that we appear to be short at is CB, even with...
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    Running Back Depth Chart

    Earlier this week Coach Saban stated:

    With that said, what do you see our depth chart looking like...
  5. News Article: Great Article about Alabama's Offensive potential this year
  6. Link: Alabama Video - The Time Is Now : Be Legendary

    Truly Awesome!
  7. Re: OSU President Gordon Gee Makes Some Not Very Nice Comments

    He also takes a swipe at the SEC

  8. Re: Auburn wants to claim nine (9!) national titles?

    Ah, let them claim whatever they want, doesn't change anything.
  9. Re: Four Bama football players arrested was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Calloway?

    I know Calloway and Williams are the big names but I think we will miss the other two more.

    Just sad.
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    Re: Robert Nkemdiche Signs With Ole Miss

    Can someone clue me in. Is there any proof that Ole Miss is cheating or are we assuming they are cheating due to the recent high profile recruiting success?
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    Eddie Lacy 2012 Highlights
  12. Pixar Artist Austin Madison's sketch of the BCS Championship

    I searched and didn't see this posted, so I thought I would share.
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    Question: Re: This image is from 1958.

    I agree 100%
  14. Re: Just under 18 hours until signing day where we stand

    I need someone with more knowledge about team numbers to explain this to me. Let's say that Alvin Kamara commits to the tide tomorrow. If that happens we will have 8 RB on Scholarship. That is...
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    Link: Re: 2013 CA DT Eddie Vanderdoes

    This is a situation that I apparently knew nothing about, can you share some details?
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