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  1. Re: Why hasn't Coach Saban been listed as a Target for all of these "high profile" jo

    Saban is probably worth $20M. Foley should have made you pay it.
  2. Re: Rivals "Signing Day's winners and losers" but no Bama

    What is left for the king of the mountain to win.
  3. Re: So am I the only one feeling the rest of The SEC is jealous over Bama

    Nope, not jealous. Bama has earned what it has (well, mostly -- you need to recount the championships at some point). We hope Bama annihilates ND and keeps the hardware in the SEC for a 7th year....
  4. Re: Why are so many under the opinion that Coach Smart is itching to leave?

    I think it's perfectly clear at this point that Smart is waiting for:

    1) UGA, or
    2) an offer that cannot be refused (I'm not sure this can be defined so much as known when encountered, but two...
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    Re: Georgia fans taking it hard again...

    "If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves."
  6. Re: Am I the only one hating the domers already?

    This has nothing to do with SECSECSEC homerism, I could care less about that, but you've got to do the rest of the CFB world a favor and put ND in the ground. Take them out with extreme prejudice,...
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    Poll: Re: Which SEC team will win the East?

    I think we all know what's going to happen here. Even those that seem not to.
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    Game Thread Re: South Carolina at Florida

    It's a collision course for Bama and UF at this point. The Dawgs aren't man enough to beat this Gators team.
  9. Link: Re: In Newton's regression, shades of another recent fall from grace (Vince Young)

    I think the mental difference between Young and Newton, for all his faults and look-at-me-I'm-Superman posing, is that deep down I believe he is a competitor who cannot accept losing, and who is...
  10. Re: "SEC may switch some permanent opponents for 2013 football schedule"

    This will be an unpopular post. Since we've bastardized everything else resembling tradition in the SEC since 1990, I think it is time to let the permanent rivals concept go. Meaning, the...
  11. Question: Re: Do you believe Florida and LSU are overrated?

    I think this is very accurate. It is too early to hold up the comparison with confidence but I do not see the surface similarities as coincidence. The inherent motivational intangibles when a...
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    Game Thread Re: USCe vs. UGGA...

    This is exactly the truth about UGA. Hopefully Richt can find a way to keep his job again.
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    Game Thread Re: Florida vs. LSU

    This feels like an inflection point for both UF & LSU as programs, but perhaps Miles is lucky enough to keep two steps ahead of fate. I've never been sold on him as a coach.
  14. Re: Does Tennessee beat Florida this week? (UT/UF predictions)

    Forgive me for answering a question that was not directed at me, but there seems to be a much better vibe after the A&M game. Prior to that a great many fans were frustrated with the situation and...
  15. Re: Well tide fans, enjoy owning the gators for years to come!

    Despite the evidence presented on this thread, I can assure you that there are knowledgeable Gator fans and that most of them are excited about the hire. I was hoping for this last year the first...
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