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  1. Re: New Alabama secondary coach Mel Tucker knows the expectations in Tuscaloosa

    I agree. While this team overall has more question marks at this same than last years version, I think the ceiling for this team is substantially higher than last year. Especially on the oline and...
  2. Re: Alabama Football: Who Can Be the Leader Nick Saban Needs in 2015?

    My vote is on Reggie Ragland being a big leader on this years team.
  3. Re: Sharpton's daughter climbs Bali mountain after suing NYC for ankle injury.

    People like Sharpton make me sick. I know racial issues still exist but if someone truly wants to end racism, you can't always side with one group. There has to be some level of objectivity in order...
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    Re: Sweet Home... Tennessee?

    Jones inherited a mess. UT needs to give him at 6 recruiting classes to get it together. I like Dooley as a person but I think he was in over his head at an sec school. From what I can tell his...
  5. Re: Steve Shaw Tells JOX's The Roundtable Matt Moore and Penn Wagers Retired

    I don't pay enough attention to know one crew from another, but I will say this...It seems to me that in every big SEC game the refs seem to make at least one call that affects the outcome of the...
  6. For the Bama fans making it to the game, any pre-game plans?

    My wife and I will be driving over from Gulfport tomorrow around lunch time. We plan on grabbing lunch and then setting up shop somewhere to watch the other games, most notably the Rose Bowl. Do...
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    Still just sounds like excuses to me. The...

    Still just sounds like excuses to me. The "better" team just loses sometimes, that's why they play the game. Alabama fans should give OU their due for beating us last year just like OU fans should...
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    Shame on those fans.... Sounds like the...

    Shame on those fans.... Sounds like the definition of bandwagon fans to me!
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    Re: SEC in post season....3-1 so far!

    LSU should be ashamed!!!!!
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    We can't have it both ways here guys. I mean It...

    We can't have it both ways here guys. I mean It sure seems like the reason a lot of Bama fans think we lost to OU last year was due to Bama being uninterested and not really wanting to be there? Then...
  11. Re: Former Alabama player Bobby Greenwood in the US Army

    One of my favorite quotes ever related to Alabama football involved Bobby Greenwood. I think it was an article in which they were interviewing Scott Pioli when he was the GM for the Chiefs, and in...
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    Re: 2014-2015 Coaching Carousel

    Might be a good fit for K. Smart.
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    Re: Next Year's returning players

    I feel good about the O-line next. We're set at LT and C, which are the two most important positions. Bozeman, Hill, and Jackson have gotten meaningful snaps this year which will payoff next year. I...
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    Re: Say Something Good About Mitippi Tate

    They aren't Auburn..... That's about all I got!
  15. Link: Re: Herbstreit On Mike & Mike Talking About Changing The Rules Against The HUNH Offen

    Well the reason something has to be done is it rushes the officials to the point that they can't do their job to the point that it gives a competitive advantage to the offense. I know recently...
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