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  1. Re: How does Les Miles situation affect recruiting?

    Amazingly, coaching changes haven't seemed to make a huge difference in big programs, from what I've seen over the years. Sure, a couple of kids might decommit, but most of them don't seem to panic....
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    Re: Alabama-Auburn - 2:30 Kickoff on CBS

    As much as I think we're going to wipe the field with Auburn this year, I'd rather it not be a night game to give the crowd any additional edge. The 2:30 time slot should be good for keeping it all...
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    Re: Bo or Damien?

    Agree with everyone saying you can't tell much from Harris's duty so far. I'm pretty sure he came really close to fumbling late in the 4th though against MSU. That's the quickest way to get Bo on the...
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    Re: Gameday Guest Picker?

    Lee Fitting from GameDay said it wan't a singer. He also said he was a Bama supporter at first, but then revised his clue to say Bama fan. My impression was that it would be an actor. Channing Tatum...
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    Re: Gameday Guest Picker?

    I think it's Lucas Black
  6. Re: ***2016 DT Kendell Jones Commits to the Tide***

    Saw Jones at the aTm game from about 30 feet away. My appraisal is that he carries his weight very well for a man his size. He doesn't really have a gut, but is very wide side to side and front to...
  7. Re: "Oh Yeah!" on Eddie Jackson's Interception vs UGA

    Someone says something similar on the Ridley TD. Sometimes the coaches in the booth are close to the broadcasters and bleed over. Maybe that's what happened. Or could have been a mic on the field.
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    Re: Georgia Personal Fouls

    I think that was Lorenzo Carter
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    Re: Taking my 6 yr old to his first game

    I took my 6-year-old son last weekend to Ole Miss. He has been to a Bama game before, but this was his first big game. I second what some others have said about the Quad, the Walk of Champions when...
  10. Re: When did Geno Smith add Matias to his name?

    I figured he had signed to play basketball for Kentucky. Seems like half their team adds a hyphen once they get on campus.
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    Re: Matt Hinton discussing JK Scoot

    ...this anaconda don't want none unless you stop the run...
  12. Re: Traveling from Minnesota to 1st Tide game.

    Lots of good advice on here and difficult to add to it. As far as StubHub, I've bitten the bullet and bought multiple tickets the past few years. If you want to control where you sit, it's the best...
  13. Re: Fall Practice News

    Does the Oregon State transfer, Richard Mullaney, report with the freshman? I looked at the roster and didn't see him listed.
  14. *** TE Miller Forristall Commits to Alabama ***

    @AndrewJBone: #Alabama receives commitment from Miller Forristall (@mcforristall), three-star TE from Cartersville High School in Ga.
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    Re: Cam Newton injured in a car accident.

    The driver at fault has already settled with Cam by making a sizable donation to a church in Georgia
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